THE AQUA VELVETS – Liquid Dreams [Surfadelic Collection]

Liquid Dreams1

Hey surfers! here’s another custom made Surfadelic Collection this time dedicated to SF surfin’ cats THE AQUA VELVETS. It’s a real cool selection of instro surf tunes thoughtfully chosen from their classic 90’s slabs The Aqua Velvets, Surfmania, Nomad, Guitar Noir, and from their 2008. album Backflip Louie and the Pool Party Pagans. I know that many of you are already familiar with ‘VELVETS’ but anyways check this out. Enjoy the Liquid Dreams!

“Aqua Velvets are an American surf rock revival band from San Francisco, California, formed in the 1980s by guitarist Miles Corbin. Rather than simply recreate the vintage 1963 surf sound, Corbin set out to add depth and dimension with original songs that included strings, horns, keyboards, and exotic instruments. The result was a cinematic sound more akin to film composers like Ennio Morricone and John Barry. The group released their debut album in 1992, recorded over a period of several years. This album was recorded in the auto repair shop where bassist Michael Lindner worked. They signed to Atlantic Records in 1995 to release Surfmania; subsequent releases appeared on BMG subsidiary Milan Records.” [wiki]

“A Fascinating Blend of spaghetti western, shimmering psychedelia, pristine surf, latin rhythms, mysterious faraway places, and a tongue-in-cheek dash of lounge.”

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BOSS MARTIANS – Surfadelic Collection

Another Surfadelic favorite 90’s Hot Rod/Surfin’/Garage Punk gang, this time from the home of North-West garage, Seattle, Washington. Influenced by legendary sixties groups as The Trashmen, The Sonics, The Wailers, Astronauts, Paul Revere & The Raiders as well as [later  in career] with Small Faces, Elvis Costelo, Cheap Trick, MC5, they recorded bunch of singles and Lp’s for Dionysus, Hillsdale, Estrus, Screaming Apple…
Fronted by unbeatable guitar hero Evan Foster, BOSS MARTIANS have gone a longway from retro surfin’/hot rodders to garage punk/power pop hitmakers, but everything they did is always in the BOSS STYLE. This here is collection of some favorite instro & vocal tunes from their 45’s & Lp’s + couple of  rare demo trax. And remember… Dial M for Martians! I Am Your Radio. Dig!!!

THE SWINGIN’ NECKBREAKERS – Rip It Up! [Surfadelic Collection]

Surfadelic “Best Of” collection of thee best garage punk gang in past two decade. Non-stop pounding  rock’n’roll action by these New Jersey action kids, covering favorite stuff from their five studio slabs.Fast & furious 60’s & 70’s inspired garage rock in tradition of The Sonics, Lyres, Real Kids, Devil Dogs, Ramones… MIGHTY Originals and COOL covers in unbeatable Neckbreakin’ style.Rip It, Rip It Up!!!

[Front cover art by Charlie Starkey]

Surfadelic Presents: RAW, STUPID & FUZZED-OUT !!! [60’s Punk]

Whoa dad! What’s up!?! Another Surfadelic 60’s Punk comp? Oh yeah! The Good, the Bad and the Ugly? Noooo… it’s RAW, STUPID & FUZZED-OUT!!! But why oh why!?! ‘Cause… “I dig that goddamn Rock ‘n’ Roll, The kinda stuff that don’t save souls”.
Look-a-here folks! Here you gotta deal with 84 minutes & 20 seconds of pure 60’s Punk dementia blast and its fun fun fun. If you wanna dance, dance, dance or cheer-up you neighborhood, this is the stuff.
I must humbly admit: This comp is way better than any Tim Warren’s Back From The Tomb volume. Why? ‘Cause I Said So! And… I’m not foolin’ around. You gotta check it out or be lame forever. You gotta dig, dig, DIG!!!

Surfadelic Presents: LET’S GET PUNKED-OUT!

Alright punks! Surfadelic Presents this, Surfadelic Presents that… but now! Surfadelic Presents [not necessary, but inevitable] thee BEST Punk Rock collection for 21st century! Mostly consist of some of my fav U.K. & U.S. groups and acts from 70’s & 80’s, there are few from Australia [The Victims, Fun Things] and one from EU [The Kids from Belgium]. Some of these stuff are more high-octane rock’n’roll than punk [anyway, the attitude is right] but that’s the way I like it and that’s the way it is. As ya know “It’s My Way Or The Highway”. Feel Lucky Punk?
This is SURFADELIC PUNK ROCK! Sooooooo, You Better Dig!!!


Surfadelic Presents: !!! LIVE FAST !!!

Almost 100 minutes of KILLER ‘n’ LOUD garage punk rama-lama. These are some of my favorite [mostly] “modern” garage hits & misses, winners & loosers. Nothin’ new here, most of this stuff were already posted but anyway you gotta check it out. Action! Action! Action! !!! LIVE FAST !!! You Better Dig!!!

 Listen Loudest!!!

Surfadelic Presents: FUZZ-TONE SHAKEDOWN [60’s Punk]

Quess what’s my favorite guitar-tone? Yeah right… It’s a killer FUZZ-TONE baby! Nothin’ can compare to that skull-piercing, brain-melting, wall crunching fuzz-tone sound. So, this here is a Surfadelic compilation dedicated to 60’s Punk groups that have used their guitars as a weapons loaded with fuzz for audio rebellion, psych destruction and ultimate garage rock SHAKEDOWN!
So, whacha gonna do now?!? Well, I’ll tell you: Get your headphones and tape ’em to yer skull, dig the stuff & PLAY LOUD!
[P.S.: Not recommended for the faint-hearted]


SURFADELIC SUNSET volume 2 – Red Tide


“Summertime’s here, kiddies, and it’s time to take a trip wax your surfboards!”

What we’ve got here is another super-fine Surfadelic collection, this time dealing with some favorite “Modern” surf & drag sounds from 90’s and beyond, with emphasis on instrumental action. Almost all of these stuff you can find here on this site, so you can expect “usual” Surfadelic favs as Boss Martians, Untamed Youth, Bomboras, Los Straitjackets, Link Wray, Dick Dale, Davie Allan as well as some surfin’ surprises. Anyways, do yourself a favor and don’t miss this ultra-cool surfin’ compilation, one of the best around. It’s a Red Tide, Dig!