Sin Alley Vol.1
Sin Alley Vol.2
Sin Alley Vol.3
Sin Alley Vol.4

Big Itch Vol.1
Big Itch Vol.2
Big Itch Vol.3
Big Itch Vol.4
Big Itch Vol.5
Big Itch Vol.6
Big Itch Vol.7
Big Itch Vol.8

The Madness Invasion 1
The Madness Invasion 2
The Madness Invasion 3


Greasy Rock’n’Roll Vol.1
Greasy Rock’n’Roll Vol.2
Greasy Rock’n’Roll Vol.3
Greasy Rock’n’Roll Vol.4
Greasy Rock’n’Roll Vol.5
Greasy Rock’n’Roll Vol.6
Greasy Rock’n’Roll Vol.7
Greasy Rock’n’Roll Vol.8
Greasy Rock’n’Roll Vol.9
Greasy Rock’n’Roll Vol.10
Greasy Rock’n’Roll Vol.11
Greasy Rock’n’Roll Vol.12
Greasy Rock’n’Roll Vol.13
Greasy Rock’n’Roll Vol.14

Greasy Rock’n’Roll Vol.15

Twistin Rumble Vol.1
Twistin Rumble Vol.2
Twistin Rumble Vol.3
Twistin Rumble Vol.4
Twistin Rumble Vol.5
Twistin Rumble Vol.6
Twistin Rumble Vol.7
Twistin Rumble Vol.8
Twistin Rumble Vol.9
Twistin Rumble Vol.10

Tabu! vol.1
Tabu! vol.2
Tabu! vol.3
Tabu! vol.4

Tabu! vol.5

Granpa’s Gully Rock Vol.1
Granpa’s Gully Rock Vol.2
Granpa’s Gully Rock Vol.3
Wild & FranticVol.1

Music To Get Smart By 1
Music To Get Smart By 2
Music To Get Smart By 3

Out For Kicks 1-3
Rumble Rock Vol.1
Rumble Rock Vol.2
Rumble Rock Vol.3

Quel Organ!

Wolf Call! – Tall Cool Ones From The Vaults Of Golden Crest!

Just Shuckin’ Around

El Primitivo: American Rock & Roll & Rockabilly

All Night Soul Stomp!

New Directions – A Collection Of 60’s Blue-Eyed British Soul

Walkin’ The Duck
Crash Of Thunder
Country Funk
Looking Good
Afrosound 1
Afrosound 2

Best Of The Girl Groups 1
Best Of The Girl Groups 2

It Don’t Mean A Thing If It Ain’t Got That Beat [Vol.1 & 2]

These Ghoulish Things

Horror Hop
Monster Bop
Mostly Ghostly
Titty-Twist aGoGo!

The International Vicious Society Vol.1
The International Vicious Society Vol.2
The International Vicious Society Vol.3
The International Vicious Society Vol.4
The International Vicious Society Vol.5

The International Vicious Society Vol.6
The International Vicious Society Vol.7

Rocket Ship
Boppin Cadillac
Fat! Fat! Fat!

Teenage Riot! [50.000.000 delinquents can’t be wrong!!!]

Wavy Gravy [revisited!]
Wavy Gravy (Four Hairy Policemen)

Bug Out Vol.1
Bug Out Vol.2
Bug Out Vol.3

Too Much Goin’ On

At The Party!
T-Bird Party!
Talkin’ Trash
Lookey Dookey!
Look What I Have Found Vol.14

Teenage Repression vol.1
RAMPAGE! 17 Full-Throttled Rockers!
The Roots Of Psychobilly
The Godfathers Of Psychobilly

Mr.Hot Shot R&B Vol.1
Mr.Hot Shot R&B Vol.2
Mr.Hot Shot R&B Vol.3
Mr.Hot Shot R&B Vol.4

R&B Hipshakers Vol.1
R&B Hipshakers Vol.2
R&B Hipshakers Vol.3

The Jerk Boom! Bam! Vol.1
The Jerk Boom! Bam! Vol.2
The Jerk Boom! Bam! Vol.3
The Jerk Boom! Bam! Vol.4
The Jerk Boom! Bam! Vol.5
The Jerk Boom! Bam! Vol.6
The Jerk Boom! Bam! Vol.7
The Jerk Boom! Bam! Vol.8
The Jerk Boom! Bam! Vol.9

The Jerk Boom! Bam! Vol.10


52 thoughts on “ROCKABILLY/TRASH/R&B comps

  1. Aw yeah! I’m new to Surfadelic and I’m overwhelmed with awesomeness! I’ve been looking for Vol 1 & 2 of ‘Bug Out’ for years and I’m thrilled to find them here. Thanks a million!


  2. Does anyone know a song called Marjo?, sounds like punky early 60s r`n`b, heard on `toga party` show on dutch radio station in the 80s??


  3. Just checked every album I’ve downloaded and files are unfortunately missing in the following albums.
    Big Itch Vol.2
    Sin Alley Vol.3
    The Jerk Boom! Bam! 5
    The Jerk Boom! Bam! 9
    Twistin Rumble Vol.02
    Twistin Rumble Vol.05


  4. Hi! I will not go into detail, but I moved across the country earlier this year, sold all my CDs, had to go before I could rip stuff like this I’d never see again, here it is — including things I never found — it comes with a lot of emotions, starting with discovering these things in the first place, and including how touching it is that music otherwise lost to history lives on. Thank you SO much — as I’m about to do via PayPal, as I hope others are. Meanwhile, Vol. 3 of Tabu! no longer exists on the server, and, unless I missed it. the Va Va Voom series would be immensely appreciated.


  5. Hi… I used to come hare a whole lot, ±I’m glad you’re still keeping it up..
    This one (Wolf Call! – Tall Cool Ones From The Vaults Of Golden Crest!) is quite expired, do you think you could reup it? Ive wanted to hear it for some time….


  6. Would be super nice if the Twistin Rumbles (6,7,8) could be reupped! Freakin’ good stuff! Appreciate your work, cheers!


  7. WOW ! very nice website, after digging too long !
    Would you re-upload The International Vicious Society Vol.5 Please ?
    I found it on YT and love it.
    The other Volume would be nice too 😉
    Thanks a lot for your work.


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