!!! LYRES !!! [The Ultimate]

Listen up folks and listen well !!!  Here is a total re-up of this legendary Boston garage rock gang fronted by Mono Man [ex DMZ]. If you have no LYRES [which I doubt] you just ain’t livin’. Here you got all of their studio recordings including singles & EP’s, as well as LIVE stuff. They were No.1 80’s garage revival act and for sure a TOP TEN garage band of all times including 60’s. So ya no… This is pretty much A MUST! Don’t give it up now, Dig!!!

Lyres - AHS Lyres - On Fyre Lyres - Lyres Lyres - A Promise lyres- happy now... Lyres -  Someone Who'll Treat You Lyres - Some Lyres Lyres - Shitkickers Lyres Live Lyres - live

[1981] AHS 1005
[1984] On Fyre (Expanded)
[1986] Lyres Lyres
[1988] A Promise Is A Promise
[1988] She Pays The Rent Live
[1992] Happy Now
[1994] Some Lyres
[1995] Shitkickers
[1995] The Early Years (Live 1979-83)
Live At Downtown Lounge, Portland 1980

20 thoughts on “!!! LYRES !!! [The Ultimate]

  1. Mr. Eliminator Hi, my name is Alfonso. First luckily I found your blog, you’re a musical encyclopedia for me (have the same tastes 80% :). They know those who are determined to expose and close blogs, thanks to you I have bought many LPs (I buy only vinyl) and I imagine 4 million visitors you have, some have bought music through your discoveries.

    Please do not let go with your wonderful project

    I wanted to ask you a favor, for a break on my hard drive I lost several albums, I’m not worried, because I’ll recover, but I really miss the The Mummies, especially “Never Been Caught” Could you upload again? There’s one you have to have recovered.

    As a thank you, I want to share with you is probably the best LP of garage music has been done in Spain. I hope you like it. You can download it here:


    Thank you very much once again for your work


  2. Thanks a lot for this re-up. I already had the Portland show on tape but mine is in mono despite it has two more tracks. I have also a show from Rimini I taped myself ways back in 1987 and uploaded (along with the two Portland encores) for anyone who wants it, here:


    I’ve never been able to find the title of a song in the middle of the show (track 13), is there anybody who can…?



  3. Great band, thanks for these. Had the privilege of seeing them live in the ’80s: Mono Man pumping away on the organ with one hand, shaking a tambourine with the other, singin his heart out…that’s rock n roll, kids!

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    • You’re welcome Mr.Fab. Yeah they’re the best, must be great to see ’em live. Unlike many revival acts they managed to capture authentic sound and feel. They’re not just another 60s wanna be’s. So yeah, that’s rock n roll. Cheers


  4. Hi… a couple of these links no longer work. Any chance of re-posting? Especially the one for Some Lyres? Thanks in advance.


    • If you dig 60’s garage and garage revival, than you probably should like the Lyres. They are one of the best garage revival bands. The’re not another cover band or so, when they do the 60’s covers they do it in authentic way as The Cramps did with 50’s & 60’s underground tunes, they made ’em their own.


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