THE DAGGERMEN – Dagger In My Mind [1986]

“12 tracks of 2 minute garage rock released on the Prisoners label.  In fact the band were almost a baby version of the Prisoners minus the organ as you had James Taylor’s younger brother David on guitar and drummer Wolf Howard (later of the JTQ, Prime Movers etc).  What you have hear is raw, enthusiastic, melodic garage rock which is surprisingly listenable.  The album has never been reissued in any way and this original vinyl pressing is now much sought after. The band released very little other material – one single (“One More Letter”) and a couple of compilation album appearances (“Now It’s You I Need” on a Countdown mod compilation and a cover of the Who’s “Ivor” on a Hangman garage compilation).
Billy Childish and the Buff Medways released a 3 track Daggermen tribute EP in 2001.  And the Buff Medways featured a certain Wolf Howard on drums!” 
[RYM review]
COOL & RARElegendary 80’s Medway scene Garage/Mod Revival gang sole Lp on the Own Up Label. Yeah sure, there are close connections with The Prisoners, Mighty Caesars, Milkshakes and stuff so ya know whatyou couldexpect. Fast & Raw Garage Ramalama Fest, Dig!!!