MESSERSCHMITT – Shake That Thing [1993]

Messerschmitt - Shake That Thing1

Great follow up to their 1990. killer debut slab. Opening with high-octane [maybe a definitive] cover of Stones classic “Jumpin Jack Flash”, MESSERSCHMITT takes you for one hell of a ride through Flamin’ Groovies, NY Dolls, Motorhead style highway rockers. With turbo jet originals as She Gives To Me Free, Floating In The Air, Jim Beam Boogie Stomp, Snowflake and cool covers of blues classics of Muddy Waters – I Just Want To Make Love To You , Howlin’ Wolf – Little Red Rooster and J.Lee Hooker – Big Legs, Tight Skirt, gonna have you on yer knees beggin’ for more. Maximum garage-blues-punk highway rock!!!

Messerschmitt - Shake That Thing2


THE PRIMEVALS – On The Red Eye [1984-2000]

Garage Punk band from Glasgow, Scotland founded in ’83. Their slide guitar blues punk styleremind much on The GUN CLUB but with Scottish kink. This collection gathers their best stuff from 80’s as well as some unreleased tunes. It’s a Primeval call, Dig!
Tracks 1-1 to 1-11 from Sound Hole  LP [1986]
Tracks 1-12, 1-13 from  Elixir Of Life  7”[1986]
Tracks 1-14 to 1-19 from Eternal Hotfire LP [1984]
Tracks 1-10, 1-21 from Living In Hell  7”[1985]
Tracks 2-1 to 2-12 from Live A Little  LP [1987]
Track 2-13 from compilation Play New Rose For Me  [1986]
Tracks 2-14 to 2-15 from Heya  7”[1987]
Track 2-16 is on the tribute to Captain Beefheart Fast ‘N’ Bulbous  [1988]
Tracks 17 to 2-20 previously unreleased, recorded in Cava Studio, Glasgow 27/2/2000

THE GORIES – I Know You Fine, But How You Doin’ [1990] Vinyl Rip!!!

“This here’s the Gories from Detroit, hot of the press.
It’s gonna jump on you baby and it’s gonna stay in your dress.
Here it comes!”

“After a slew of singles and one beautifully realized yet chaotic album, The Gories went to Memphis, Tennessee in 1990 to record an album at Easley Recording. The man they enlisted to helm the record was none other than Alex Chilton, formerly of the Boxtops, Big Star, and Tav Falco’s Panther Burns — an avowed rock deconstructionist who had produced the Cramps psychobilly classic, Songs the Lord Taught us.

I Know You Fine opens with a lyrically poetic and antiquated sounding DJ’s shout-out from days passed: “This here’s the Gories from Detroit; hot of the press. It’s gonna jump on you baby and it’s gonna stay in your dress. Here it comes!” And then the first song, “Hey Hey, We’re the Gories,” scratches along, playfully aping, you guessed it, The Monkees. The slightly lascivious “You Make it Move” follows, buoyed by a fuzzy, livewire guitar line and the primal, repetitive thud of what sounds like a disabused oil drum.

Coherency is one of The Gories’ strong suits. Trying to hold such disparate influences together — Guitar Slim, Chuck Berry, Link Wray, Bo Diddley, Suicide, Joy Division, The Sonics, in a slight way, Hendrix and voodoo — could make for a messy affair, but The Gories are masters at holding many contrasting sounds together at once.

The album is top to bottom nearly flawless sly and impish garage punk, shot through with minimalist deconstructionism and is built perfectly around the flinty, abrasive and subtly textured twin guitars of Collins and Kroha. O’Neil is the minimalist foil that drives each song — try finding another band, aside from perhaps Neu!, with a drummer who so thoroughly disregards the practice of doing “fills” and makes practically no rhythmic changes.There are four stand out songs: The impeccably literate “Thunderbird ESQ,” a song about a guy wedded more to his fortified wine than his female companion, “Smashed,” about, well you can probably figure it out, the desperate “View From Here,” and, probably their most famous song, which is not saying much, “Nitroglycerine,” a particularly sweaty song, essentially about having sex and fighting. The Gories put out one more album, the aptly titled Outta Here (1992), and then broke up.” []

Blues-Garage-Punk masterpiece, now in Surfadelic Stereo Vinyl Rip! Includes ”Queenie”[not on CD]. Nitroglycerine!!!360>
”I’m going out gonna get my girl
Gonna go to the store buy some Thunderbird
Gonna get my car find some place to be alone
We gon’ start drinking ’til it’s all gone…”

GREG ‘STACKHOUSE’ PREVOST – Mississippi Murderer [2013]

Debut solo album for Ex Chesterfield Kings frontmen. Raw Stonesy [Exile On Main Stree-era] punk blues with NY Dolls/Johnny Thunders vibes and attitude. Cool originals and covers of Stones [I Ain’t Signifying], Donovan [Hey Gyp], Robert Johnson [Ramblin’ On My Mind], Skip James [Hard Time Killing Floor Blues], Blind Willie Johnson [John The Revelator] and fine homage to Yardbirds [Downstate New Yawk Blooze]. One of the best rockin’ slabs in last few years. Dig!!!