THE MUSIC MACHINE – Best Of [Vinyl rip!]

BenQ DC S1410


There are other Music Machine compilations available but this is still one of the best. Issued in ’84 on Rhino Records, this is an excellent comp for L.A. blackgloved 60’s punkers, comprised almost entirely of single versions, plus 4 unreleased tracks. All the tunes are powerful originals written by Sean Bonniwell and crew as killer psych/punk ”Talk Talk”, ”The People In Me”, ”Double Yellow Line”, ”The Eagle Never Hunts The Fly”, ”Mother Nature-Father Earth”, ”Love Me Again”, ”Dark White”… MM is top ten 60’s garage band and one of my alltime favorites. Vinyl rip by Surfadelic. Welome to the ‘dark world’ of The Music Machine!


BenQ DC S1410BenQ DC S1410





BenQ DC S1410

”The moment was there
Electrochemicals were filling the air
The pastured substance of emotional glue
Was at its best a faded blue…”
[Astrologically Incompatible]

”The Bonniwell Music Machine is the second and final album by the American garage rock band, The Music Machine, recorded under the renamed moniker, The Bonniwell Music Machine, and released on Warner Bros. Records, on February 10, 1968. As with their debut LP, the album again saw the band blending garage and psychedelic rock influences, albeit with a greater emphasis on psychedelia than on their previous album release. Prior to completing its recording, all of the group’s original members, except for its creative force, Sean Bonniwell, departed, though they would still appear on some of the album’s tracks. The album was preceded by two singles, “Double Yellow Line” and “The Eagle Never Hunts the Fly”, released 1967. respectively, but both releases were also commercially unsuccessful.” [wiki]


BenQ DC S1410

”The eagle never hunts the fly
Listen and I’ll tell you why
He lives on the bottom of the sky
And that’s why and that’s why”

This is one of those Surfadelic favs already have been posted several times, but now it’s a vinyl rip from an unofficial release from early 90’s. Your favourite ”Talk Talk, Black-gloved Gang” teamed up with producer Brian Ross for another 60s  psych-punk masterpiece. Recorded on 8 channels, at time a state of art, this album have pretty high tech standards up there with The Beach Boys or The Beatles slabs. It’s an ingenious mix of garage-psych/soul influenced rockers and ballads, with fuzzed-out killer stuff as ”Bottom Of The Soul”, “The Eagle Never Hunts the Fly”, “Absolutely Positively”, “Double Yellow Line”, “I’ve Loved You”, “Me, Myself, And I”… Just one look at the cool cover pic and you know… ”so mechanical… so machine-like. Sort of a music machine. Very much like Sean Bonniwell’s Music Machine”. This is one of the top 60’s garage/psych records, a real Surfadelic favorite. And remember… Don’t cross, the double yellow line… Dig !!!


BenQ DC S1410