MARK WIRTZ – The Go-Go Music of Mark Wirtz, His Orchestra & Chorus

“Alsatian-Born Mark Wirtz began his music career while studying art at London’s Fairfield College of Arts and Sciences, and drama at the Royal Academy Of Dramatic Arts, when his college Rock-band, ‘The Beatcrackers,’ were signed to a recording contract in 1963 as ‘Mark Rogers and the Marksmen’ by EMI producer Norman Newell.
By 1965 Mark had started his first independent production company, releasing records that have since become enduring classics, including Mood Mosaic’s, “A Touch Of Velvet, A Sting Of Brass,” for EMI’s Parlophone Records, and his own Mark Wirtz Orchestra album, “Latin A Go-Go,” for Ember Records.
In 1967, Mark accepted EMI veteran producer/A&R chief Norrie Paramor’s offer to join EMI Records as in-house producer. Working at Abbey Road Studios alongside the Beatles and Pink Floyd (the latter whom he was instrumental in signing to the company), Mark wrote and produced landmark recordings by artists such as Keith West, Tomorrow, and Kippington Lodge. Most notably, he reached global success with his production of excerpts from the first ever Rock Opera, “A Teenage Opera.” Though never allowed to be completed or released as an entire work, the opera’s excerpts “Grocer Jack,””Sam””Weatherman” and “Theme” became legendary trail-blazers, which have not only captivated several generations of music fans, but influenced and inspired artists and musicians world-wide..” [wiki]
German wunderkind and Abbey Road staff producer [kinda like “Euro Phil Spector” for Easy listening/Lounge/Pop], composer and singer Mark Wirtz collection of recordings made between 1965-1969, mostly from ’67″Mood Mosaic” LP. 
“Ultra Cheesy” take on pop/rock classics as Yeh Yeh, Comin’ Home Baby, Don’t Do It Baby, Monday, Monday, Sunny, I Can Hear Music, Dizzy… Sounds like Mike Myer’s “Austin Powers” imaginary alternative soundtrack. More sounds of “Swingin’ London”… Say Yeh Yeh, Dig!