SATAN’S PILGRIMS – Frankenstomp (Singles, Rarities & More 1993 – 2014)

Satan's Pilgrims - Frankenstomp Singles, Rarities, & More

“These Oregon devils truly smoke like hellfire.”

”Taking their name from the 1960s B-movie Satan’s Sadists, Portland, Oregon’s Satan’s Pilgrims’ spirited blend of retro-surf and foot-stomping garage rock evokes the raw power and instrumental prowess of the Ventures, the Sonics, the Wailers, and the Kingsmen — it also draws from horror movies, Joe Meek productions, and the British Invasion. Like contemporaries and labelmates the Fathoms and Space Cossacks, the band caught the resurgent early-’90s surf rock wave brought forth by the arrival of Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction, which reintroduced the world to Dick Dale’s “Misirlou,” and rode it to nominal commercial success via essential outings like Around the World with Satan’s Pilgrims (1997) and their eponymous fifth studio long-player (1999). The group disbanded in 2000, but reconvened for a series of shows in 2005.” [AllMusic]

”In this collection included are songs from some of their singles, compilations, and live recordings, but most exciting to their fans, is the inclusion of previously unreleased tracks from the archives, and songs from local Portland cassettes, including their very first release-a six song cassette originally put out by a then new upstart label in Portland called Cavity Search Records.”


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Holidays In Serbia: Instrummentón En La Cuadra Vol.6 [killer 60’s instros!]

holidays Front 6


This is brand new volume of 60’s rockin’ instrumental fun made by my dear friend Jose from Spain [Tommentonenlacuadra blogspot]. As you know, this now a classic series has real high quality standards, so you can expect some kick ass instro stuff from surf and hot rod to garage rock, r&b and lounge genres. It’s a non stop hot instro action featuring The Catalinas, The Swanks, T he East Side Kids,  Thee Midniters, Don & The Goodtimes, Hal Blaine & The Young Cougars, The Rumblers, The Beachcombers, The Crossfires, Adams Boys, The Underground Set, The Beatstalkers, The Velvetones… 20 trax of upbeat 60’s instrumental fun for your next wyld r’n’r party! Check some favs down below! You gotta dance dance dance, you gotta dig dig DIG!!!


holidays Back 6

Holidays in Serbia Vol.6

Past volumes available:



LINK WRAY – Early Recordings / Good Rockin’ Tonight / Original Swan Recordings



“Ace’s compilation pairs two old Chiswick vinyl compilations: 1978’s Early Recordings and 1982’s Good Rockin’ Tonight. Despite the title of Early Recordings, these aren’t the earliest sides Wray ever committed to wax. Link cut these sides for Swan between 1963 and 1967, many years after “Rumble” rolled all the way to 16 on Cadence and long after he left Epic. They’re midperiod but they’re still prime and, in some ways, even dirtier than his trailblazing Epic instrumentals because they were done on the cheap and shHere you got essential amelessly ape trends. Wray embraces the corn in covering the “Batman Theme,” co-opts surf for “Scatter,” indulges in some backwoods boogie on “Turnpike U.S.A.,” rips off “Telstar” on “Cross Ties,” turns “Rumble” into a noir novelty for “The Shadow Knows” — and those are just the recordings that came out as singles during the ’60s. Good Rockin’ Tonight is devoted to sides that were squirreled away in the vaults until 1982, many of which were covers, some of them even featuring vocals (like the title track). The music on the 1982 LP is of a piece with the 1978 set but it’s not quite on par: the earlier comp really did have the cream of the crop. That said, having the two of these records on one CD is not only a blast, it’s one of the best ways to hear Wray’s ’60s peak.”

Here you got essential Link Wray, some of his best recordings cut for Swan records in the mid 60’s. Link Wray’s best moments are all here, punked-out, raw, primal guitar instro riot. Already have posted these stuff before but hey… This is A MUST !!!






DAVIE ALLAN & THE ARROWS – Bykedelics (1999)

Davie Allan & Arrows - Bykedelics 1a

Third in a row of Davie Allan 90’s comeback albums (after ”Loud Loose and Savage” and ”Fuzz Fest”). 14 cuts of cinematic mosrite fuzzbox guitar-sound driven instros. Not so surfin’ but rather a modern garage rockin’ sounding instro venture influenced by Henri Mancini, Morricone and yeah!, ’60s & ’70s biker flicks. Loads of cool stuff begin with fuzzed-out drama ‘‘Space Rift” and then you got ”Fender Bender”,  ” Encounter”,  moto-bikin’ ”Another Moped In Schenectady”, ”Fast And Loose”, floatin’ fuzz lounge of ”Organized” and couple of re-recorded Allen 60’s tunes as wah-wah pedal mutated ”Theme From The Unknown”. This stuff is almost identical to ”The Arrow Dynamic Sounds of… ” album issued on Total Energy rec. but with different track order and few different tunes. Bykadelics at Surfadelic, Dig!!!

”Modern instrumental rock album with lots of cool fuzz guitar”


Davie Allan & Arrows - Bykedelics 2





DAVIE ALLAN & THE ARROWS – Devil’s Rumble [Anthology ’64 -’68]



“For the latter half of the ’60s, Davie Allan and the Arrows were the kings of teen exploitation film soundtracks, recording a score of them for A.I.P. and other independent studios. The core of that work revolved around Allan’s manic, buzz-saw fuzz guitar (typified by The Wild Angels’ “Blues’ Theme,” a national hit), which was to the ’60s biker genre what Morricone was to the spaghetti Western. This treasure trove of Allen’s decades-unavailable recordings for Mike Curb (his high school choir-mate turned producer and record-biz mini-mogul) mark the first time most of the collection’s 40 rare tracks have been anthologized for CD. Allen has long been one of instrumental rock’s most unsung heroes, a pioneer of nascent garage punk and tripped-out psychedelia who shrewdly informed the primitive crunch of Link Wray with a savory taste for Mancini’s melodicism, taking the unlikely, electric mélange on the often downright experimental flights of multitracked six-string aggression chronicled here. Culling single sides and album cuts, this collection charts the Arrows’ explosion from early, SoCal surf-rooted innocence into the wildly inventive sultans of the sonic psych-out that powered Devil’s Angels, Born Losers, Wild in the Streets, and the other cult ’60s soundtracks that form the bulk of this collection.” [Jerry McCulley]


devil's rumble anthologydavie allan front


“This music never fails to conjure up images of Hell’s Angels, or 60s exploitation flicks, and there is a reason to that. Most of this music was written for exploitation film soundtracks, primarilly those by Roger Corman. As good as those biker films are, the best part of them is by far the music.”
“Davie Allan & The Arrows recorded the most frenzied instrumentals the world has ever heard! Allan’s fuzzed-out guitar was an audio compass pointing towards freedom, sex, danger and violence, his trashy fretboard riffs exploding behind flickering celluloid images of cycle runs, biker fights, drug freakouts and rubber-burnin’ hot rods.”
As you should know by now, Davie Allan is a king of fuzzed-out psychedelic surf. This 40 trax comp. is a collecton of singles, soundtracks & albums cuts, great overview of Davie Allan & The Arrows 60’s work. They were one of the masters of instrumental rock next to Link Wray, Dick Dale or The Ventures.  This is one of my favorite comps ever, A MUST for Surfadelic fans and others!


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THE LIVELY ONES – Hang Five!!! The Best Of

lively ones_front


“Surf band from Southern California. The Lively Ones made recordings built around storming, reverb-drenched Fender guitars embellished by occasional raunchy sax breaks. Over a period of about 12 months, they ground out about five albums, filled out with many covers or retitled numbers based on rock and R&B compositions. They had a couple of hits in the L.A. area in 1963 (“Surf Rider” and “Rik-A-Tik”), but their best moment was probably “Goofy Foot,” whose staccato gunfire of riffs deservedly propelled the track onto several modern best-of-surf anthologies. They ranged far and wide for source material, giving surf treatment to “Telstar”, “Exodus”, “Rawhide”, and Cole Porter’s “Night and Day.”


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Dick Dale / THE STOMPERS – The Silver Sounds Of The Surf [1963] ViNyL RiP !

The Silver Sounds Of The Surf 1


Story by Mike Ferraro:

I was a founding member of “The Irridescents in, I believe, 1962. We were just four young 15 year old teenagers who loved surf music who also happened to play guitars. We were a garage band that was formed in La Crescenta, California and we went to Hoover High School in Glendale, Ca.
The Irridescents were composed of: Hank Fouchet, Lead Guitar; Mike Ferraro, Rhythm Guitar; Collin Field, Bass; David Kimber, Drums. We performed in and around the Glendale area. While playing at a Hoover High School dance, I learned that I had mispelled the word Irridescents. I was told by an english teacher that there was only one R in the spelling and there was no plural of the word!!! Oh well….We were just a bunch of kids having fun and trying to impress the girls and maybe get a few dates!
I believe it was in 1963 we performed at the “Battle of the Bands” at the Deauville Castle Club in Santa Monica, California. Instead of playing the current hits of the day, we played some original songs and compositions that were written by our lead guitarist, Hank Fouchet. Among them were “Swamp Surfer” and a composition of “Bali Hai” that was transformed into a a “surf music” sounding piece. After our performance we were approached by a fellow whose name was Steve Reggio. He said he liked our sound and original music and would like to record us and produce an album. As “star struck” teenagers we promptly signed the contracts and a week later we were in Hollywood at the Western Recording Studio (shortly later to become the famous Western Recorder recording studio)performing our surf style original numbers and fantasizing about competing with the Beach Boys!!.
The album came out 2 weeks later. It was called “The Silver Sounds of the Surf” It was a brown velvet cover with a surfer on a board in silver. But we were completely surprised and shocked when the album was titled: Dick Dale and The Irridescents. Wow!! Dick Dale was our idol. What is this? Well, it turns out that before Dick Dale became famous in Southern California with his surf style music, he made a number of non surf music vocals that were less than notable. He evidently signed away his music rights. So this Steve Reggio realized all he needed to do was find some gullible band with original music that wanted to record and then he would put Dick Dale’s name on it….totally bogus…….How did we find out about it? Well…most of us use to go see Dick Dale perform every week at the”Harmony Park Ballroom in Anaheim. And during one of his breaks from playing he held up his new album and said: “This is my new album that is now in the record stores” Then he reached down and picked up the album that we recorded and said: “This album is also in the stores but it is a fake- don’t buy it” I can still feel the blood rushing out of my brain. We were so embarrassed. We were paranoid that he might know we were the culprits!! We just stood there on the dance floor trying to look as innocent as we could!!

Shortly thereafter, I think, but I am not completely sure, we sold our rights to our songs for a pittance and Steve Reggio then replaced The Irridescents with the name of “The Stompers” on the cover of the same album.

As I understand our single and our album are now somewhat collector items, I guess we have now achieved a degree of fame that we were seeking in 1963!!

Mike Ferraro

P.S.: We understood at the time that our album sold 2,000 copies in Southern California- purchased, no doubt, by unknowing surfer types.


The Silver Sounds Of The Surf


Re-post of rare instrumental lp credited to DD and The Stompers.
This is actually The Irridescents Lp with two vocal trax by Dick Dale. The Irridescents can be heard on “Diggin’ Out” and “Get A Board!” surf compilations. Vinyl rip by Surfadelic!


The Silver Sounds (2)




SURFIN’ WILD! [60’s Surf]

surfin' wild 1a

Meanwhile, back on the beach…

Pretty solid set of mostly ‘rare’ 60’s instro surf featuring The Catalinas, The Pacific Surfers, The Surf Teens, The Deadly Ones, The Tornadoes, Jim Waller & The Deltas, Dave Meyers & Surftones, The Centurians, Scott Engel, Baron Daemon & the Vampires, The Frantics, The Silly Surfers, The Nep-Tunes, Mr. Gasser, New Dimensions and The Hustlers. 18 trax of wild surfin’ action! Check some favs down below n’ dig!


surfin' wild 1csurfin' wild 1b