CONCUSSION!!! 18 Gougin’ Instrumentals 1958-1965

Concussion!!! a


Collection of raw rockin’ n’ surfin’ instros on Mr. Manicotti label that gave you legendary ”Diggin’ Out” comp. and ”The Big Itch” series. Already have posted this before but here it is again with slightly better sound. Concussion!!!


Concussion!!! b



BO DIDDLEY – Mumblin’ Instros !!!

bo diddley lf2a


You know Bo and Bo knows instros! This is a collection of 50’s and 60’s Bo’s instrumental tunes taken from albums and rare recordings comps. There’s a rhythm, there’s a blues and wyld Bo Diddley beat, alright! Dig!!!


bo diddley lf3b



DICK DALE And His DEL-TONES – Draggin’ And Surfin’ / Surfers’ Guitar / Rarities


Re-post of these 90’s lp collections of DD 60’s stuff. ”Draggin’ And Surfin” contains his vocal cuts, cool songs about hot rods and surfing. ”Surfers’ Guitar” gathers killer DD instros  mostly from his ’63/’64 lps ”Checkered Flag”, ”Mr. Eliminator” and ”Summer Surf”. ”Rarities” is a collection of singles B sides and stuff. Let’s dance to the Dick Dale Stomp!


Dick Dale - Draggin' And Surfin' 2dick dale Surfers' Guitar-001adick dale RARITIES 2



Two 90’s surf & hot rod comps. ‘Dickheads’ is a 10 trax Dick Dale tribute album featuring surf revival & garage bands as The Galaxy Trio, Thee Phantom 5ive, The Cowslingers, The Penetrators, The Daytonas, The Quadrajets… covering some DD classics. It comes with 12 bonus cuts added by Mr.Eliminator. ‘Hot Rods To Hell’ is car themed comp. mostly of instros and few vocal cuts with some same bands as on ‘Dickheads’, plus The Boss Martians, Davie Allan And The Arrows, The Surf Trio , Insect Surfers, The Hentchmen, The Royal Pendletons, The Space Cossacks…  ‘Abandon hope all ye who enter here!’ Dig!!!




THE ULTRAS – Surf-Pop-Sludge [1993]



”THE ULTRAS are a mostly-instrumental rock’n’roll trio from San Francisco formed in l988 by guitarist Eric “Sludge” Lenchner. They call their sound “Surf-Pop-Sludge”.

In their early days, the Ultras played the “new lounge” supper clubs in San Francisco utilizing their diverse musical palette of Surf, Rockabilly, Salsa, Pop, Blues, Country, Jazz, and Psychedelic styles. This was a low-volume sound with the instrumentation of electric guitar, acoustic “string” bass, and brushed drums.

In the l990’s, as the Ultras began to play more and more original music (at a more electrified volume), they moved from the lounges to the original music showcase clubs of San Francisco and Northern California. The Ultras toured the West Coast several times and shared the bill numerous times with surf music legend Dick Dale.

1993 saw the release of the Ultras’ CD, SURF-POP-SLUDGE Produced by Scott Mathews, the man responsible for the Dick Dale “comeback” CD” on Hightone, “Surf-Pop-Sludge” was a college radio hit, going Top Ten on numerous stations throughout the U.S.

In 1995 the Ultras stopped playing live shows due to guitarist Lenchner’s hearing damage. They have continued to record, and their latest projects are “Rocket Jockey” (video game), “Attack of the New Killer Surf Guitars” (compilation featuring Ultras’ track “THE ULTRA FACTOR”), and “Just Write” (feature film starring Sherilyn Fenn – soundtrack features “Steel Twist” by The Ultras).”

Hey surfers! Check out this fine surfin’ instro slab I just found recently. The Ultras can be spotted on some 90’s surf revival comps as ‘Beyond The Beach’ or ‘Gnarly Reef’, but on ‘Rocket Jockey’ [game soundtrack with Dick Dale] they put some killer instros as ”Death Tube”,  ”Surrounded by Assassins”, ”Magic Wand”, ”Rocket Boy”, ”Vaque Ton” which caught my ear. This package contain their sole 15 trax lp + 7 bonus cuts added for your complete listening pleasure. Don’t miss it!








THE VENTURES – Super Surfadelic!!!



”The Ventures have had an enduring impact on the development of music worldwide. The band was among the first to employ and popularize fuzz and flanging guitar effects, concept albums, and twelve-string guitars in rock music. Their instrumental virtuosity, innovation, and unique sound influenced a large number of musicians and bands, earning the group the moniker “The Band that Launched a Thousand Bands”

The Ventures of Tacoma, Washington were one of the most influential instro rock bands of all times. They recorded 100s of albums and instros with styles ranged from r-billy, r’n’r, r&b to surf, garage rock and psychedelia. There are zillions of ‘best of’ collections out there but I think they do no justice to this legendary group. Mostly, the usual comps are too generic, made for geeks, concentrate on too much cover versions and not so attractive sides. So… Here’s another Surfadelic super-collection ingeniously made by Mr.Eliminator himself, just for your listening pleasure. It mainly contains original tunes with only few covers from their ’63 -’68 albums and singles. Of course emphasis is on fuzzed-out, rockin’ & surfin tunes. Stop action! It’s Super Surfadelic alright! Dig!!!







SWINGIN’ CREEPERS! A Tribute To The Ventures

swingin' creepers! a tribute to the ventures - front1


More ‘Ventures-style’ instro action in this real cool collection of 90’s garage/surf revival bands covering their favorite Ventures 60’s tunes. Cool stuff: Space Cossacks – Journey To The Stars, The Fathoms – Walk Don’t Run, Eddie Angel & The Omega Men – Stop Action, The Hypnomen – Go-Go Slow The Boss Martians – Guitar Freakout, The Bomboras – The Ninth Wave, Davie Allan & The Arrows – Lullaby Of The Leaves, The Tiki Tones – Swingin’ Creeper, Satan’s Pilgrims – Escape-Psychedelic Venture, The Huntington Cads – Sha La La, Ivan Pongracic – Moon Child… Dig!!!


swingin' creepers! a tribute to the ventures - back









THE VENTURES – Runnin’ Strong [1966] Vinyl Rip!

The Ventures - Runnin' Strong 1


This is ’66 compilation LP, one of my favorite Ventures’ slabs. It contains tunes from various Ventures albums but with different titles from originals as Wild Action is actually ”Action Plus” from ”Where The Action Is!” lp, Bird Swingers [”Bird Rockers”] and Lonely Karen [”Lonely Girl”] from ’65. lp ”Knock Me Out!”, Blue Guitar [”Ravin’ Blue”],  Moon Journey [”Journey To The Stars”], Runnin’ Strong [”Runnin’ Wild”] and Dancin’ With Steve [”Walkin’ With Plutofrom”] all from ’64. lp ”The Fabulous Ventures”, Puncher [”Cruncher” from ’63. lp ”Surfing”] and Cathy’s Theme [”Night Stick” from ’65. lp ”A Go-Go”]. Some real cool Fuzz ‘n’ twang instro action in …visual sound STEREO Surfadelic vinyl rip!


the-ventures-sus5116-abThe Ventures - Runnin' Strong 2




AL GARCIA & THE RHYTHM KINGS – Exotic And Rockin’ Instrumentals 1963-1964

Al Garcia & Rhythm Kings front


”In 1957, members of the Lamplighters from Delano, CA, joined up with members of a rival act, the Rhythm Aces, from nearby Tulare (both cities are just north of Bakersfield). They formed a new pachuco surf-and-soul combo called Al Garcia and the Rhythm Kings: multi-instrumentalist Al Garcia, guitarist Art Rodriguez, bassist Freddie Mendoza, drummer Manuel Garcia (Al’s brother), and saxophonists Larry Silva and Vincent Bumatay. They continued to play in the landlocked Kern and San Joaquin Valley areas before their popularity spread to more populated areas of the state. Ultimately, they were touring the West Coast, from San Francisco to Los Angeles. The group was put on hold when much of the group were drafted into the army — Al and Bumatay recorded a single for the newly formed Reprise Records (with producer Ed Cobb) during this hiatus — but re-formed in 1962 without Silva. That summer they met producer/talent scout Tony Hilder, whose connections among Hollywood-based indie labels enabled them to begin recording. They waxed surf-and-soul singles for a variety of labels — including GNP Crescendo, Tollie, Northridge, Del-Fi, and Challenge — under a variety of guises, including the Soul Kings. Exotic and Rockin’ Instrumentals, 1963-1964 is a compilation of 13 of the group’s instrumental rock & roll, surf, and exotica tracks from this halcyon era. Like many of the acts on the Del-Fi roster — the Sentinals, the Centurions — the Rhythm Kings combined Latin rock rhythms, mariachi-style horns, and surf guitar instros. Many instro standards from the band’s repertoire are included here, like “Church Key” and “Intoxica”; both tracks were written by the venerable Norman Knowles, band manager and brilliant saxman for the Revels, a fixture on the Central Coast surf music scene. As an added bonus, this fine reissue — with liner notes by Garcia’s friend, Ray Baradat, and color photos — features both sides of an all-instrumental single by the doo wop-ish Charades, who often played gigs with the Rhythm Kings in the East L.A. area.” [Bryan Thomas]


Al Garcia & Rhythm Kings b



THE KAISERS – Instrumental Stomp!

The Kaisers - Instrumental Stomp!-1


The Kaisers were garage beat band from Edinburgh, Scotland. From 1993 to 2002 they recorded wyld bunch o’ garage/beat lps and singles for No Hit Records, Spinout, Norton, Get Hip, etc. Their style are similar to those of Billy Childish gang The Milkshakes raw 60’s influenced rockin’ beat. During their career The Kaisers recorded several instrumentals, on singles and couple on almost every album. This here is Surfadelic collection of their instros with style ranged from Link Wray inluenced raw hoot to twangin’ Joe Meek production kinda 60s recordings. Short but sweet. Let’s Stomp!!!


The Kaisers - Instrumental Stomp!-2