BATTLE OF THE SURF GUITARS Vol.1&2 [60’s Surf Instros]


And in the meantime… Back to the beach! These two limited edition lps are late 80’s Belgium comps of mostly rare & ‘unknown’ 60’s US surf instrumental groups. In the 90’s this stuff was reissued as ”Surf Guitars Rumble” cd comps you could already find at Surfadelic. This is real cool shit, so you surfers gonna dig it anyways. Check some favs down there ‘n’ Dig!!!


Battle Of The Surfguitars Vol.1bBattle Of The Surfguitars 2b








Rare Italian electro lounge with twangin’ guitar from Luis Enriquez Bacalov (famous for his soundtracks ). Interesting all-instro slab with some vintage electronic effects, clavichord, organs and surfin’ guitars mostly evident on cool trax like ”Fender With Anger”, great covers of classics ”Walk Don’t Run” and ”Tequila”, ”Riguel 1” and ”Montemario By Night”. Euro-Electro-Twang, check it out!






THE CHALLENGERS – Hot Rod Album [60’s Hot Rod Surfin’]

Hot Rod Album


”Among the surf groups of the Golden State, none rode a higher wave than The Challengers. Formed in 1962 by drummer Richard Delvy, who had been the beat keeper for The Bel-Airs, The Challengers were an instant success. Their 1963 LP, Surfbeat, became one of the genre’s biggest sellers. Reportedly recorded in under four hours at World Pacific Studios, the LP was released on Vault and helped solidify the surf sound.

In early ’60s California, surf and car culture were joined at the baggy-clad hip. This convergence was reflected in the music of the surf bands, many of whom began to devote equal time to automobile anthems. By now something of a surf rock entrepreneur, Delvy moved to capitalize on this trend by recording hot rod songs with The Challengers. Unfortunately, an intended 1964 LP of car tunes never came together and the fast moving decade left the surf ‘n’ street scene in the incense ashes.”

Unissued 60s lp by ”The kings of clean-cut surfin”. Fine mix of hot rod & surf vocals & instros on limited edition vinyl. It’s a Hot Rod Hootenanny. Dig!!!


Hot Rod Album 2




INSIDE THE VAULT OF MR. ASTRO [60’s Instros covered by Man Or Astroman?]

Inside The Vault Of Mr Astro


Somethin’ like ”Songs Man Or Astroman Taught Us”. This unofficial collection gathered 60’s instumentals, mostly surf/sci-fi with few movies/tv series themes [as Edwin Astley ”High Wire”[Danger Man], The Jetsons Theme , Jerry Goldsmith ”The Man From U.N.C.L.E” , Jack Marshall’s ”The Munsters Theme”, and John Barry’s ”Goldfinger’‘]. Here you got classic surf acts as The Ventures, Dick Dale, Link Wray, The Markettes, The Original Surfaris, The Revels, Eddie & The Showmen, The Chantays and others. Loads of interplanetary, outer-space surfin’ action! Say… Dig!!!


Inside The Vault Of Mr Astro2





Avengers Vi - Real Cool Hits


The Avengers VI from Anaheim, California, formed in 1964 as 6 pieces surfin’ instrumental gang [watch out they have four guitars!] issued their sole lp ”Good Humor Presents Real Cool Hits’‘ a bit late for genre, in 1966. Recorded in a one long all night session in ’66. the album turned out to be promotional ploy by the Good Humor Ice Cream Company so lps were sold from the ice cream trucks [as you can see on cover] As company collapsed the album went to obscurity. I First heard ’em on now classic garage surf comps as Diggin’ Out and Get A Board! with three great original tunes ”Heartbeat” ”Good Humour Stomp” [aka ”The Avenger’s Stomp”] and ”Time Bomb” [later covered by The Bomboras]. Other fav trax on lp are cool covers of ”Slaughter On 10th Avenue” and ”Pipeline” as well as originals ”None But The Brave” and slightly psychedelizied ”Sahara”.

The Venturas [almost The Ventures] from Chicago issued their sole slab in 1963. It’s all-covers album with only one original tune ”Ram-Charger” [can be heard on ”Surfin’ In The Midwest” Vol.2 and Surf Guitars Rumble]. They covered well known classic tunes as ”Bulldog” [The Fireballs], ”Apache” [The Shadows], ”Ginchy” [Bert Weedon], ”Out Of Limits” [The Marketts], ”Penetration” [The Pyramids], ”Driving Guitars” [The Ventures], Sleepwalk, Runaway, Walk Don’t Run… Pretty rare lp. Vinyl rip by Surfadelic, Dig!!!!




HONKERS & TWANGERS [Rare & Unreleased 60’s Instros]

Honkers & Twangers1a


”Too often, rock & roll instrumentals are considered filler when they were often a pivotal part of the pre-Beatles rock & roll experience. Ace’s 2013 collection Long-Lost Honkers & Twangers doesn’t collect the best of that forgotten era — the title itself is a tip-off that the compilation concentrates on oddities, not known quantities — but by balancing 13 rare singles with 13 previously unreleased sides, the compilation re-creates an era when echoed guitars could be a groovy thing in and of itself. Certainly, there are times when the surging rhythms recall surf rock — many of these bands are Californian and even if they weren’t, the rush of cascading waves was an irresistible temptation to mimic — but some groups have a CinemaScope bent to their sonic vistas while other bands get down and dirty, concentrating not on the melody but the rhythm.” [Thomas Erlewine]

Yep! Another all-instrumental collection with some rare surfin’ & twangin’ gems as The Avantis ”Wax ’em Down”, The Titans ”Skokiaan”, The Reveliers ”White Water”, The Rondels ”Zombie”, The Exports ”Car Hop”, The Swanks ”Ghost Train”, The Gigolos ”Night Creature”,  The Ventures ”Murfreesboro” and some so so & lame trax like stupid Johnny & the Hurricanes tunes. Anyways, get yer twang!


Honkers & Twangers2



JOHNNY ZORRO – Twist Guitars [60’s Surfin’/Twist Instros]



Guitarist Johnny Zorro was born in Boston, Massachusetts, as David Porrazzo. At the age of 16, he moved to California where he started his musician career. In 1960. he made his first solo recordings. He has also worked as a session and backing guitarist for Nat “King” Cole, Herb Alpert and the Page Cavanaugh Trio. This here is collection of rare ’60/’61 singles recorded for Infinity, Warner Bros. and Jocko Records. Surfin’n’Twistin’ ”Las Vegas Grind” style. Dig!!!

THE DOG’S BOLLOCKS Of American R&R Instrumentals!



Ugh! Ok, this is it. Prepare yourself for an overdose overkill of 60’s surfin’ & rockin’ instros. 162 trax in 5 volumes of mostly obscure US instrumental rumble pulled from rare singles with great sound fidelity. Some of this tunes can be found on other instro comps but many are only here. Don’t know who’s the original uploader of this stuff but anyway he/she did a great job. Now it’s a property of Surfadelic [Hehehe!] This is a killer collection, A MUST for fans of surfin’ & rockin’ instro action. Never Mind the Sex Pistols, Here’s the Dog’s Bollocks! Dig!!!





Everything You Always Wanted To Know


Hmmm… You certenly know something ’bout 60’s instros but this Arf! collection gathered some real wyld & weird sides. That means fuzzz, feedback, backmasking, acid and other psychedelic effects to warp your mind. Comparing to ”Buzz Buzz Buzzzzzz” instro comps, this one is more on psych/lounge side ’67-’69 stuff. Anyways there are some ’66 ”b-sides” as feedback drenched Oxford Circle”Mind Destruction”, Vaqueros ”69”, Dantes ‘’80-06”, The Executioners ”I Want The Rain”… Question Mark [& Mysterians] ”Hang In” is actually instro cover of The Squires “Going All The Way” but my favorite trax are The Mussies ”12 O’clock, July” a great garage-fuzz rip-off the Link Wray’s ”Jack the Ripper”, fuzzed-out ”Ballot Bachs” by The Shades, psychedelizied Pinocchio & His Puppets ”Fusion”, The American Dream ”Tioga”, Front Office ”Wow” it’s really Wah-Wah alright! Then  Hal Blaine ”Love In (December)”, The Arrows [Davie Allan] ‘‘Make Love Not War” and three cuts from ”Astro-Sounds: From Beyond the Year 2000” Lp by 101 Strings.

All trax were transferred from original records and rare 45’s so I have to do some cleaning that means… Sound check by Mr.Eliminator [himself] = Real Cool. Dig!!!





The California Poppy Pickers were one of several relatively anonymous studio projects assembled by Alshire label head Al Sherman to record budget-priced copycat LPs of ’60’s pop hits. Virtually all of the groups in question — Fats and the Chessmen, Los Norte Americanos, and the Bakersfield Five, among them — were helmed by producer and songwriter Gary Paxton, best-known for composing the novelty smash “The Monster Mash.” In 1965, Paxton founded his own Hollywood recording studio, assembling a session crew and the group released three 1969 LPs — Sounds of ’69, Hair/Aquarius, and Today’s Chart Busters comprised primarily of covers and thinly-veiled rewrites. [Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide]




‘Sounds of ’69’ is solid exploito album with some cool fuzz instros as Bun Buster, Happy Organ, Do Ya, Do Ya and Wipe Out ’69 [included in Surfadelic “The Hell Surfers” soundtrack] and unfortunately few lame shitty vocal tunes as horrible cover of Blowin’ In The Wind and Why Don’t We Do It In The Road.




The Projection Company lp is another 60’s exploatation slab that includes involvement of famous studio musician Jerry Cole and his crew. Some songs featured on this album are alternate versions of tracks found on his project “The inner sound of the ID” originally recorded for RCA records [Boil The Kettle, Wild Times, Don’t Think Twice]. Here you got some fine psych/lounge  instrumental trax as Kimeaa, Our Man Hendrix, Tune Out Of Place, What Else