THE CRIPPLERS – One More For The Bad Guys [2001. Garage Punk]

The Cripplers-1


”From the first track on, the Cripplers put forth honest, uncompromising, punked-out rock & roll. Imagine the New York Dolls doing street punk, if you would. Raucous, punchy, energetic, and muscular rock is here, with plenty of attitude for anyone, yet not overwhelming the record. Crank rock increased in popularity during the first few years after its popularization — as it were — by the New Bomb Turks and the Candy Snatchers. The Cripplers add to that legacy, with a stomping heartiness that would motivate any audience to bounce along.” [Jeremy Salmon]

Midwest garage punk gang formed in Columbia, Missouri, somehow similar in style with Devil Dogs but more trashy ‘n’ dirty. Check ’em out!

[Special thanx for inspiration to Garner from HiOctane Revival]


The Cripplers-2