WAVY GRAVY [revisited!]


Don’t you think I’m psycho, Mama?

Now, this is legendary! I’ve already posted it several times but now, here’s “Revisited” HQ version of this ingenius compilation LP issued in late 80’s. It’s a fun mix of 60’s trash, wacko country songs, novelty tunes, garage and B-movies trailers. Several track titles are changed to their original titles so don’t you worry, everything’s here. It’s Howdy Doody Time… Slide Her Under The Door!

You’re A Groovy Boy, I’d Like To Strap You On Some Time

“Every track on this album is a real laff riot. Demented novelty records from the 60s including an American senator’s stab at gettin down with the kids on a version of Wild Thing and a song about a guy who’s girlfriend was run over by a steamroller – solution – slide her under the door!
Standout tracks for me are Wendell Austin’s dire acid warning record ‘LSD’, the lyrics need to be heard to be believed (“I started using LSD/ it gave me quite a kick/ cheaper than booze and easy to use but it made me mentally sick”) and Eddie Noack’s country masterpiece Psycho (written by Leon Payne and covered by Elvis Costello, amongst others) ranks very high in the horror/ comedy stakes.
These are both beaten into second and third place by Porter Wagoner’s truly epic song ‘The Rubber Room’. Words can’t do justice so just hear this song if you can. It’s got the best demento echo sound ever (on the vocals!) – simulating the sound of a patient slowly succumbing to insanity in a mental facility.
Just to sweeten the deal – between every track on the vinyl you get twisted ads for cheap n nasty exploito ’60s films as well!”

You Pigs, We’re All Gonna Be Slaughtered !




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