SIN-SA-TION! vol.1-3 [Wild Exotic Grooves And Beats!]

Sin-Sa-Tion! 1 Sin-Sa-Tion! 2 Sin-Sa-Tion! 3

Three vols of mostly Belgian & French 60’s mod/freakbeat/exotica & trash extravaganza.

It’s a sin, you can’t go wrong, Dig!!!

13 thoughts on “SIN-SA-TION! vol.1-3 [Wild Exotic Grooves And Beats!]

  1. Hi Mr. Eliminator,

    Thank you for this nice new collection ’cause the third was missing in my collection.

    i’m looking for the four compilation albums released on the “Floridita” spanish label:

    – Va Va Voom!!
    – ZooBa! Va Va Voom!! Vol 2
    – Saboo! Va Va Voom! Vol 3 ‎
    – Ouch! Va Va Voom! Vol. 4 ‎

    If you or another reader can help me, it will be great… (’cause I believe they are shit hot)

    Thank you in advance,
    Take care,


  2. Thanks a lot. Sorry not to leave so many feedback but I’m working in the countryside in france (foreign country to me) and it’s difficult situation haha. You are sin-sa-tional and so is your blog. Have a good summer full of r’n’r.


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