BIG BOY PETE – Return To Catatonia [1967-69 Pop/Psych]


“Funny what acid can do to you…”

“This is the third of four collections of previously unreleased material by this U.K. space cadet. Funny what acid can do to you. In this case it was kind of like the elixir that transformed Jekyll into Hyde (an observation taken directly from the liner notes to this LP). Pete Miller was previously known for his contributions on guitar to a couple of relatively undistinguished British pop groups from the early ’60s. After a brief solo career under sober conditions, he discover acid about the middle of the decade, which promptly transformed him into his alter ego: Big Boy Pete. This new and mentally unshackled artist, with the aid of his own in-home studio, went about recording some truly odd, strange, weird, and any other adjective along these lines you can think of – some recorded while the artist was actually tripping. “
“Return to Catatonia has some truly trippy material. A couple of songs are obviously influenced by other artists like the Kinks and the Beatles. It also relies heavely on studio effects…”

The further PSYCHEDELIC adventures of Pete Miller, Uk’s best kept secret of the 60’s! Following the ‘Homage To Catatonia’, this release ransacks BIG BOY PETE’s 1967-1969 vaults to present another 14 tracks of previously UNAVAILABLE homegrown PSYCHEDELIA.







PETE MILLER (Big Boy Pete) – Summerland / Homage To Catatonia [1966-69 Pop/Psych]


“Big Boy Pete was some kind of weirdo by the name of Pete Miller who recorded loads of early psych pop songs in his own crash pad studio. Apparently, he was a songwriter that would record demos and then sell them to other bands. These two sets are all examples of this. Ranging from straight 60’s beat, to a bit of pop and popsike this lp’s goes a long way to showing that Mr. Miller had alot of songwriting talent. There are a few tracks that stand out from the pack but the overall feeling one gets when listening to this is that it’s all very good. The production is pretty good too considering they were done as demos. Overall, a good album, and though a compilation of all of his “pop” tracks it feels more like a whole.”

You could hear his tune “Cold Turkey” on Chocolate Soup for Diabetics vol.2 and Electric Sugarcube Flashbacks vol.4. ”Summerland” is first and probably the best collection of his recordings issued by Tenth Planet rec. ”Homage To Catatonia” is pretty fine & weird too. Check it out!!!



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