dale-rocka-cd-midnight-ball spo-dee-o-dee the many sides of

More real fine R-billy from Rhythm Bomb Records. This time we have Sicilian rockers Dale Rocka & The Volcanoes and their ”The Midnight Ball” 2014. album vs SPO-DEE-O-DEE from Germany with their 2006. slab ”The Many Sides Of”. It’s gonna be a real rockabilly showdown ain’t it ? All wild 50s style Rockabilly , greasy Rhythm & Blues Boppers and jivin´Rockers… Dig!!!

The Rockets vs The Bird Doggin’ Daddies

Bird Doggin' Daddies 1 rockets nail polish lies and gasoline1

Are you in need for some Rockabilly? I mean REAL Rockabilly, the one that grabs you, moves you and sends shivers down your spine, the one that was played back in the fifties. Don’t look no further…

Here are two bands on Rhythm Bomb Records [COOL label specialized in 1950s music, Rockabilly, Rhythm and Blues, Hillbilly, Country, Western Swing] The Rockets from Switzerland and The Bird Doggin’ Daddies from the south of Germany with their 2013. slabs full of r-billy tunes [recorded analogue] as they came from some lost 50’s Sun studios sessions. No shit! These guys sound as they have shared stages with Johnny Burnette, Elvis, Carl Perkins or Charlie Feathers in their heydays.

”They got the bug but it’s just a question of time for you to get it too.

Now guys, about this time machine, could we find an arrangement? I’d really like to see Buddy Holly on stage…” [Fred “Virgil” Turgis]

THE FIREBALLS – Wild Streak [2011]

the fireballs - wild streak front

The Fireballs revive the sound of late 50’s/early 60’s British Rock ‘n’ Roll. Mostly covers of classics but nothing less it’s fun fun fun!
For fans of Billy Fury, Johnny Kidd, Shane Fenton, The Shadows and Vince Taylor. And remember! This is contemporary UK group NOT the 60’s US instro band The Fireballs I’ve posted before. Dig!

01 It’s Gonna Take Magic
02 Long Stringy Baby
03 Feelin’
04 F.B.I
05 Gum Drop
06 Don’t Knock Upon My Door
07 That’s Alright
08 Wild Streak
09 Shakin’ All Over
10 Fireball
11 I Got
12 Fury
13 Baby Sittin’
14 Pipeline
15 Right Behind You Baby
16 I’m A Moody Guy
17 Crazy For You
18 Make It Up
19 Rocket Man
20 Deep Feeling
21 Frantic
22 Why Little Girl
23 Brand New Cadillac
24 Saturday Night At The Duck Pond


Bang Bang Rock And Roll !!!


Cool lp comp. of rare 50’s R-Billy/R’n’R in style of Sin Alley series. Bang!!!

01 – Lee Mcbride – Confusion
02 – Torquays – Rompin’
03 – Jan & The Torquays – Bonie Moronie
04 – Don Jobe & The Ghosters – Going To Have A Party
05 – Tommy Moreland – Bang Band
06 – Morris Brothers – Rockin’ Country Fever
07 – Denny Noie & The Catalinas – It Ain’t A Big Thing
08 – Herold White & His Country Masters – You’re Not Mine
09 – Willie Ward & The Warblers – Oo-Wee Baby
10 – Johnny & The Roccas – Rough Cut
11 – Larry Terry – Hep Cat
12 – Ralph – I’ve Got It
13 – Big Daddy G. – Big Berry (Boss Man Guitar)
14 – Bobby Hodge & The Rainbow Rangers – Gonna Take My Guitar
15 – Buddy Starr & The Starliners – Hold It
16 – Dee Rogers & The Nitehawks – Cut That Out
17 – Buddy Starr & The Starliners – Blues Around My Head
18 – Eddy Clermont – Love My Numbers



teen-age riot!a

Repost of this classic R-Billy/Trash comp. with 50’s B-movie trailers in-between the juvenile delinquent themed rock’n’roll songs. Lotsa fav tunes here as Barry Weaver – Street Fight, Betty Dickson – Shanty Tramp, Kip Tyler – Rumble Rock, Phil Johns – Ballad Of A Juvenile Delinquent, Chuck Daniels – Glass Pak, Reggie Perkins – High School Caesar, Billy Ledbetter – Stealing Hupcaps… You can’t be wrong, gotta dig dig Dig!!!

teen-age riot!b

THE RAGTIME WRANGLERS – 15 Smoking Trax [2004]

The Ragtime Wranglers - 15 Smoking Tracks

2nd slab of r-billy instro hoot by these Dutch retro 50’s crew. Wide variety of styles, from swing/hillbilly to surf and latin flawored tunes, 14 originals and one cover of Bobby Fuller instro Thunder Reef, sound like lost soundtrack for some Tarantino/Rodriguez flick. Fav trax: Driving All Night, Harissa, Red Rod Race, Buck ‘n’ Rich, Mexican StandoffSmokin’!

Hot Rod & Drag Music By Jack Lapole

hot rod & drag music by jack lapole

”Custom made” collection of hot rod themed 50’s/60’s [and some modern] rockin’ tunes gathered by Jack Lapole. Here you got acts like Jan And Dean, Gene Moles, The Collins Kids, Howlin’ Wolf, Robert Mitchum, Paul Revere, The Sonics, Dick Dale, The Pyramids, The Trashmen, Ronny And The Daytonas… singing about cars, highways, burnin’ rubber, drag racing, gto’s and stuff. A real cool choice of trax with some Mr.Eliminator favs added on for a good measure. Go Go Gto!


You’re pretty much familiar with Jackie Lee Cochran’s 50’s tune “Georgia Lee Brown” [covered by The Cramps] from BORN BAD comp. but his best years were 70’s, when he began recording for Rollin’ Rock label, for which he delivered two fine r-billy slabs, “Swamp Fox” (1978) and “Rockabilly Legend” (1980). 
Here you gotta deal with his cool original rockers as Swamp Fox, Riverside Jump, C’mon Over In The Clover, Hip Shakin’ Mama and tearjerker ballad Drugstore Valentine as well as interesting cover of Hoochie Koochie Man. With Ray Campi on bass & drums and Jimmie Lee Maslon on piano. Rare stuff, Dig!!!

PAUL BUFF PRESENTS: Highlights from the Pal and Original Sound Studio

Multi-instrumentalist Paul Buff created Pal Recording Studio in December 1957 with a simple two-track Viking recorder. The demand for stereo recording led Buff to create a homemade, five-track recording studio when the industry standard was still mono or two-track stereo recording.

Buff’s studio creativity and complete openness in recording musicians of all backgrounds and styles naturally resulted in studio bookings by many local artists. Pal Recording Studio quickly became a place where musicians could record their rehearsals and repertoire and leave with high quality recordings. One of those groups of musicians was The Surfaris, who recorded “Wipe Out” at Pal in late 1962. This surf standard is the best known Pal recording.

“Paul Buff Presents Highlights From The Pal And Original Sound Studio Archives” has many in-demand rarities and unreleased tracks drawn from Paul Buff’s mixdown tapes and reference discs. Original releases of the records represented in this box set literally cost hundreds of dollars apiece, reflecting the impressive historical and musical value of Crossfire’s set.

Pal functioned as the recording home for Buff’s record labels (Pal, Emmy, Yukon, Plaza and Vigah!) and for The Pal Studio Band, a group of musicians revolving around Paul Buff, guitarist Dave Aerni and young guitarist/drummer Frank Zappa. Buff taught Zappa the art of recording studio operation as The Pal Studio Band created a large body of work. On many occasions, this group succeeded in licensing their tracks to larger record labels. When these recordings could not find a home, in-house labels by Buff or Dave Aerni (Daytone, Ador, Daani) released them.
Emmy’s releases featured three singles by The Masters, cut by Buff and guitarist Ronnie Williams. The B-side of the second Masters single, “Breaktime,” featured overdubbed guitar leads by Zappa. Other early singles that spotlighted Frank Zappa were by The Penguins, The Hollywood Persuaders, The Tornadoes, Buddy And The Crickets, Ron Roman, Baby Ray And The Ferns, Brian Lord And The Midnighters, Mr. Clean, The Heartbreakers, Ned & Nelda, Bob Guy, Conrad And The Hurricane Strings, The Cordells, The Rhythm Surfers, The Woody Waggers, The Decades, and Johnny Barakat And The Vestells. Many Pal Studio Band tracks with Zappa involvement make their CD debuts in this box set, including some with original Mothers Of Invention vocalist Ray Collins.
While still at Pal, Paul Buff started working with Art Laboe, owner of Original Sound Records. Laboe asked Buff to create a new recording studio for Original Sound artists, and in 1964, Paul finished creating his own ten-track recording gear. Buff was already in place as Original Sound’s studio engineer when he sold Pal Recording Studio to Frank Zappa on August 1, 1964. Many Original Sound artists were engineered by Paul Buff, who had started making his own recordings at the studio the previous year.
Paul Buff’s Original Sound output was credited to his own name as well as many other artists. Tracks recorded with Dave Aerni were released as by The Bongo Teens and The Rotations. One-man-band recordings issued as The Hollywood Persuaders include the well known “Tijuana” and “Drums A-Go-Go.” Paul also recorded with his first wife Allison as The Catalinas, Lori Allison, The Buff Organization and with vocalist Ricky Dean. The Friendly Torpedoes featured Buff with The Music Machine‘s Sean Bonniwell. Nearly the entire output of the All-American label (known for Strawberry Alarm Clock’s “Incense And Peppermints”) was engineered by Buff, as was Sugarloaf’s “Green-Eyed Lady” for Liberty.
Buff was a self-taught pioneer in the field of independent record production in the early 1960’s, developing his skills through the necessity of low budgets and creating unique techniques, recording equipment and sounds that would elevate such groups as The Surfaris and The Chantays into the limelight. Unsung genius of the recording world, the crazy guy built a 5-track machine when 3-track was the standard in the early 60’s, and a 10-track machine in the mid-60’s when 4-track was the standard. Frank Zappa later bought the studio from Buff, and changed its name to Studio Z.
Gadzooks! A bit of an overkill 156 tracks compilation (58early masters with Frank Zappa contributions as performer, writer and/or producer) of 60’s recordings from Pal and Original Sound Studio. Here you got to deal with hodgepodge of cool surfin’, garage, psych, r-billy, pop and some lame stuff. Anyways, overall, it’s an interesting trip so you gotta dig real hard!
Disc 1      Disc 2      Disc 3      Disc 4      Disc 5      Art