THE CRAMPS – Subwire Desire [Surfadelic Collection]


“Subwire Desire” is a collection of live versions & demos of songs from The Cramps classic 2nd LP, 1981. “Psychedelic Jungle”. It is inspired by recently issued “Psychedelic Redux” and it gathers the trax from various venues, live bootlegs and two cuts from legendary “1979. Ohio Demos”. Well, I haven’t heard “Redux” yet but I can guarantee you that “Subwire Desire” is pretty wyld collection of The Cramps live treatement of “Psychedelic Jungle” tunes. It’s kinda like “Live Jungle”, alright! Now punkers, check it out and remember… Don’t Eat Stuff Off The Sidewalk! Ya gotta dig!!!



8 thoughts on “THE CRAMPS – Subwire Desire [Surfadelic Collection]

  1. OOOOOOooooooooeeeeeee!!!!! I love me some live Cramps!!! Thanks for sharing! Saw the Cramps live in Pittsburgh PA in ’92 I believe & Rev. Horton Heat opened for them. Cramps were awesome. Some chick in the audience lifeted her dress & took off her panties & threw ’em on stage whereby Lux picked them up & finished the song wearing them as a mask. RIP Lux!

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