THE CRAMPS – Surfadelic Jungle!

the cramps -poison1b2jk

“Gonna take a week off, Gonna go to Hell
Send ya a postcard, Hey I’m doin’ swell!
Wish you were here, Aloha from Hell…”


Hell yeah! This Surfadelic collection is dedicated to my favorite band and 30th anniversary of being ‘Cramped’. The story goes somethin’ like this: Way back in 1988. my then girlfriend gave me an audio casette of some new wave/punk comp. with Joy Division, Dead Kennedys, Killing Joke and stuff, but baby… When “Human Fly” buzz blasted outta speakers I was knocked out & down. As a huge fan of horror, b movies and punk rock, I was won over by The CRAMPS and they soon became my fav band next to Ramones.
First lp I heard was “A Date With Elvis” with legendary killer tunes as ‘Can Your Pussy Do The Dog’, ‘What’s Inside A Girl’, ‘How Far Can Too Far Go’, ‘Aloha From Hell’… but the first album I owned was now a classic “Stay Sick!” ’89 lp. ‘God Damn Rock & Roll’, ‘Bikini Girls With Machine Guns’, ‘All Women Are Bad’, ‘The Creature From The Black Leather Lagoon’ were the hit tunes for the ‘New Cramped Generation’. This comp. gathers my favorite Cramps tunes from their more glamorous second [‘bass phase’] period from 1986. to 2003. and their final album “Fiends Of Dope Island”. I know you already have everything by The Cramps but hey… This is ‘Surfadelic Jungle’, alright! Let’s Get F*cked Up, Dig!!!


the cramps - Surfadelic 2a1








14 thoughts on “THE CRAMPS – Surfadelic Jungle!

  1. Hello there!!!

    I am a big fan of the Cramps too, i followed your blog before a really bad human being shut down and next i lost you from sight. From the bottom of my heart i like to thank you all your effort´s to the community of the good rock & roll.

    Greetings from México my dear friend all the best to you and your loved ones.

    Keep in rolling.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi amigo,

      Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate that you follow my blog since before and I’m glad you like the stuff. Wish you all the best and stay tuned for more rock’n’roll.

      Greeting from rock city Belgrade, Serbia


  2. I was in the original punk/underground scene 1977-1985.

    It will always bother me that Ivy will never really get the recognition she deserves as an *amazing* guitarist. Check out the ’96 rehearsal recording of ” I Walked All NIght”. No digital cut & paste processed bs; just Ivy, her guitar and her amp.

    She was completely devastated by Lux’s death. The official website has been static for nine years and the guestbook de-activated. Just my sad *opinion*, but I would be surprised if we hear anything from her again.

    Thank you for this awesome compilation. Amazing music all in one place. Already added as a regular play list.

    I know how much work it takes to do a site like this. As a previous comment said, nobody does it better.

    !!! THANK-YOU !!!

    Regards from cheese land,

    ~Steve~ in Wisconsin

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    • Hi Steve,
      You’re welcome!

      Yes, she has great Link Wray/Duane Eddy influenced guitar style combined with her own touch. She still didn’t get recognition probably because of The Cramps weird offbeat underground style and ’cause they are not inducted into the r’n’r Hall Of Fame. It’s sad what happened and I think she don’t want and won’t be able to do anything without Lux.

      I’m glad you like the comp. It was pleasure to put together a bunch of my favorite Cramps tunes for your enjoyment.

      Wish you all the best !!!

      Greetings from rock city of Belgrade, Serbia,


  3. Great idea to compile your fave especially on the second part of Cramps carrier. Personally, it’s at this time that I lost them little bit in the 90’s even I saw them few times on stage. Thanks for this comp. Maybe I’ll find something interesting.



    • There are many cool stuff in later years like “Flamejob” or “Fiends Of Dope Island” lps. They always evolved and put out some new exciting ideas and sounds. Like the Ramones they never made a lame record. Hope you’ll enjoy the selection. Cheers


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