“Georgia-born transsexual County was a (male) fixture on the budding New York club scene in the early ’70s, stretching the limits of vulgarity and outrage on stages alongside the New York Dolls. After writing and recording the theme song for the legendary venue Max’s Kansas City, County migrated to England, just as the London punk scene was getting underway. Having been commercially unappreciated at home, County found a sympathetic British label and recorded a series of albums, none of which were ever released Stateside.
High camp posturing and foul-mouthed (but not unfunny) lyrics form the basis of County’s work. Along with a skillful trio playing routine rock, The Electric Chairs finds County singing (with more enthusiasm than talent) touching ballads (“Eddie & Sheena,” a minor hit single recounting a love story between a teddy boy and a punk), catty putdowns (“Bad in Bed”) and trotting out the old narcissistic scene celebration of “Max’s Kansas City.”
[Trouser Press ]



“One of the most outstanding acts from the early days of punk was ‘Wayne County and the Electric Chairs’ (as they were known at the time). In amongst the break-neck rock n’ roll, buzzsaw guitars and in-yer-face attitude was one figure determined to make the most of the opportunity the new musical form provided.
Born Wayne Rogers in 1947, Jayne County defied every ‘rule’. The greatest aspect of the punk movement was the liberty it offered. Some applied that fashion, others to music. Jayne County had those bases covered. But County also applied it to gender identity. And unlike several others who cross-dressed as if it were a game, County wasn’t playing. It was very real. ‘I was the first completely full-blown, in-your-face queen to stand up on a rock n’ roll stage and say, ‘I am what I am, I don’t give a damn.’’ County would later say.”

Released in 1982 on various colors of vinyl, this collection is a definative statement on the first wave of punk and a good starting point to get into the filthy & trashy transgender rockin’ world of Jayne/Wayne County. This comp gathers tunes recorded for Safari records, from albums The Electric Chairs (1978), Storm the Gates of Heaven (1978) Things Your Mother Never Told You (1979), Rock ‘n’ Roll Resurrection (1980) and several singles. 15 trax + 1 bonus = 16 tracks of transgener rock’n’roll!




2 thoughts on “WAYNE COUNTY AND THE ELECTRIC CHAIRS – The Best Of (1982) Vinyl Rip!

  1. Born with a dick, you’re still a man, no matter how much surgery. You can’t change genders. you can change the packaging but not the product.


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