Surfadelic Presents: 60 SECOND SWINGERS (US 60’s Punk)


“Big Noise From Garage Planet” would be appropriate name for this collection. Why? Because it’s noisey, fuzzy and violent from the very start.
This Surfadelic comp. opens up with The Mussies “12 O’clock, July”, ingenious garage/psych cover of Link Wray’s instro “Jack the Ripper”, fuzzed-out & noisey alright. Then we have Night Shadow “60 Second Swinger” Lp version which is harder rockin’ than the famous single version. The Rationals “I Need You” great The Kinks cover you know from Nuggets comp. Brutal take on of classic garage anthem “Louie Louie” by The Swamp Rats is one of the best covers of this song next to The Sonics version. The Page Boys “All I Want” is a fuzz drenched teen simphony, kinda like a forerunner of early Jesus & Mary Chain stuff. Frantic Dean Carter’s “Run Rabit Run” is a weird cross between garage & rockabilly with cool & sexy female backing vocals. “She’s A Teaser” by The Livin’ End is a searing guits scorcher B-side to classic “Orange Rooftop Of My Baby’s Mind”. The Jinx “Come On Up” acetate is one of those tunes that are the epitome of 60’s garage punk.
Of course there are some easier stuff like my favorite garage folk rockers as “Shadows” by The Attic Sounds, Beatlesque “Days Mind The Time” by The Mods or The Dantes “Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love”.
There are some of my favs from the legendary Pebbles/Highs in the mid 60’s series as The Apollos, The Buddhas, Sound Barrier and Tree Stumps.
Compilation closes with The Plagues “I’ve Been Through It Before” a moody piece of teen 60’s garage.

Check some favs down below and dig!!!




7 thoughts on “Surfadelic Presents: 60 SECOND SWINGERS (US 60’s Punk)

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    a series of never ending pop ups. I am only occasionally able to take advantage of your kind
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