Holidays In Serbia: Instrummentón En La Cuadra Vol.7


Hello there surfers. As ya know it’s pretty hot these days so you need fresh splash of 60’s instro action. Here’s volume 7 of great all-instro comp. series made by my dear amigo Jose from Tommentonenlacuadra blogspot. It’s full of killer stuff ranged from surf and r&b instros to mod and lounge 60’s extravaganza, featuring groups like The Catalinas, The Shondells, The Romancers, The Blendells, The Eliminators, Zoot Money’s Big Roll Band, The Soup Greens, Les Yper Sound, Jimmy Nicol & The Shubdubs, The Fabulous, Flee-Rakkers, The Outlaws, Wynder K. Frog… 20 trax of cool reverb, fuzz and hamond 60’s sounds for your wyld ‘n hot beach party. You gotta dig allright!!





10 thoughts on “Holidays In Serbia: Instrummentón En La Cuadra Vol.7

  1. A few spots are now available to join my private blog for all things garage, punk, whatever.
    All members can post whatever they like on the blog also, there’s a few of us that do, and would like a few more, but if you just want to download stuff that’s cool also.
    Send an email to if you’d like to be added.


  2. howdy y’all,

    track 5 seems to be missing. it’s “thunderbolt” by the shondells. did i get the wrong collection?

    take care,


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