LYRES vs THE FUZZTONES – Someone Who’ll Treat You [EP] / Bad News Travels Fast [EP] Vinyl Rips!!!



Two of the most famous 80’s garage revival bands in the battle of the garages. Mono Man vs Rudi Protrudi EPs fight. ”Someone Who’ll Treat You Right Now” is Lyres 4 trax ’85 EP on New Rose records with three great originals and cool cover of The Pete Best Combo ”(I’ll Try) Anyway”. ”Bad News” is ’86 a remake of The Fuzztones debut single plus three cover trax, two of which have landed on classic ”Lysergic Emanations” album. I know ya know but anyways… Check this out!







an overdose - front


“AN OVERDOSE OF HEAVY PSYCH showcases over-the-top, fuzzed-out masterpieces. Excessive guitars, wild effects and tripped-out lyrics all produce magical and imaginative music from this by-gone era.”

“What sets this apart from the many other similar ’60s garage-psych releases is the extremeness of the music. Tracks collected here feature grungier guitars, slower or varied tempos and darker and more ominous atmosphere than earlier punk singles…and more fuzz and heavier feedback (even the occasional oscillator). These tracks were typically cut later than many of the other garage-band compilation series, and influences are second generation bands like Steppenwolf, Blue Cheer, Love, and the Stooges. While poppier sounds are eschewed on these sides, according to the liner notes these heavier slabs are the flip sides of lighter material. If the ballads on garage comps are the ones you skip over, by all means pick up a copy of this collection…you won’t be disappointed. An extra bonus are six caveman-stomping cuts by the Boneheaded 31 Flavors, originally from two low-budget psych-sploitation albums on the Crown label.”(AMG)

Probably one of the best garage/psych comps that feature mostly late 60’s fuzzed-out killer tunes by Orange Wedge, Quiet Jungle, 20th Century Zoo, Powered By Love, Crystal Rain, Glass Sun, Graf Zeppelin, Blu-Erebus, Boston Tea Party… Many alltime favs, killer fuzz all over the place…  There are more fuzz than you ate hot meals. Don’t miss it! Dig!!!


an overdose - back




THE MAGIC CARPET RIDE [60’s Garage/Psych]


Are You Psychedelicized !?!

This is one of those cool rare 80’s comps of obcure US garage & psychedelic trax that have sparked interest in 60’s underground rock. Only well known groups here are The Monks and The Third Bardo, while others are rather unknown acts split between classic mid 60’s garage like The Jerms ”Bald Headed Woman”, The American Four ”Lucy Baines”, The Satan’s Breed ”Laugh Myself To The Grave”, Rocky & The Riddlers ”Flash And Crash” [can be heard on ‘Back from the grave’], Ray Hummell III [The Jujus] ”Fine Day” Neighb’rhood Children ”Up Down Turn Around World” and great fuzzed-out psychedelics, The Hooterville Trolley ”No Silver Bird”, Preston ”This World Is Closing In On Me”, Harry Hellings & The Radials ”Tale Of A Crystal Ship”, First Crow To The Moon ”The Sun Lights Up The Shadows” … Real COOL stuff, don’t miss it!






NAZZ (1968) Vinyl Rip!!!

nazz 6


Repost of the debut album for this 60’s garage/psych pop band from Philadelphia. Lp opening track and A side of their most succesful single ”Open My Eyes” [as you know] can be heard on ’72. Nuggets comp. The album also featured the original version of what would become guitarist Todd Rundgren’s signature song, “Hello It’s Me”. He’s also known as a producer of legendary New York Dolls debut slab but that’s another story. Their album is interesting mix of hard rockin’ garage [like early Blue Cheer] and pop tunes. Fav trax: Back Of Your Mind, When I Get My Plane, Lemming Song and yeah Open My Eyes. Some says this is first powerpop to have come from the USA, well who knows ? Anyways, this is Surfadelic vinyl rip from great sounding Rhino records 1983. reissue. Open you eyes ‘n’ Dig!!!



nazz 2




SURFIN’ WILD! [60’s Surf]

surfin' wild 1a

Meanwhile, back on the beach…

Pretty solid set of mostly ‘rare’ 60’s instro surf featuring The Catalinas, The Pacific Surfers, The Surf Teens, The Deadly Ones, The Tornadoes, Jim Waller & The Deltas, Dave Meyers & Surftones, The Centurians, Scott Engel, Baron Daemon & the Vampires, The Frantics, The Silly Surfers, The Nep-Tunes, Mr. Gasser, New Dimensions and The Hustlers. 18 trax of wild surfin’ action! Check some favs down below n’ dig!


surfin' wild 1csurfin' wild 1b




CAPTAIN BEEFHEART & His Magic Band – Strictly Personal [Vinyl Rip!]

captain-beefheart-strictly personal 1

“I May Be Hungry But I Sure Ain’t Weird”


One of the RYM reviews:

“Listening to this album is like being in prison and walking down that dark corridor that leads to the execution room, and each track brings you closer to the door. Something’s not quite compos mentis here. Anything bad I could say about the music, and the vocals, would be an understatement.”

Hehe, whatcha say? But, what did you expect from good ol’ Cap, some crooner stuff or somethin’? Peoples, peoples, peoples, ya must be prepared for these kinda albums. I mean really! This is weird shit, raw psychedelizied blues weirdness, like Howlin’ Wolf on acid. Don howls and screams as crazy racoon, from the deep of his sinful soul. Those who are familiar with “Trout Mask” or “Mirror Man” know but others who aren’t… well… Anyways, there’s always a first time for everything.



Now on the specification. This is Captain Beefheart 2nd lp with His Magic Band released in 1968., produced by Bob Krasnow. Beefheart wasn’t satisfied with results to say the least.

“After Safe as Milk, the Captain wanted to go full kozmo-blues and intended a double album called It Comes to You in a Plain Brown Wrapper, with the 1967-material that was partly issued in 1971 as Mirror Man and later more comprehensively reconstructed on 1995’s The Mirror Man Sessions. But while the debut Safe as Milk was weird yet very much in touch with already established forms of fusing rhythm&blues, rock and psychedelia, the Brown Wrapper recordings were lengthy 15 to 30 minute-prog-monsters drawing from the most extreme sides of delta blues on the one hand and space rock psychedelia on the other hand – without using any of the psychedelic sound gimmicks, it was really just delta blues rock taken to its outer limits. Needless to say, no label would publish this at the time.



”Ah Feel Like Ahcid”

“This is were the Strictly Personal story starts: Producer Bob Krasnow looked at the material, told the band to record shorter versions and tinkered with the usual psychedelia-clichés to align it with Hendrix or the 13th Floor Elevators – you know, acceptably „far out“ stuff. What we ended up with on Beefheart’s second official album is experimental blues compositions with a lot (but not too much) of psychedelic phasing, unfocussed song structures somewhere between tight r&b and rural bluesy jamming – and it is all so audibly manipulated in post-production that Krasnow got a lot of flak for it (critics included Beefheart himself). And, as history continued to show, Beefheart was always worst when someone tried to make him more appealing to the masses.”

Bought this UK ’71 edition [different cover art] sometimes in the 90’s and it grew on me since. Just want to say, I like it more than “Trout Mask” and “Mirror Man”, now you know. Ahcid <360> vinyl rip by Surfadelic.

Alright, Gimme Dat Harp Boy! Now Go Home & Get Your Fuckin’ Shinebox! Dig!!!




THE KINKS – Kinks / Face To Face [Stereo Vinyl Rips!]


The Kinks are one of the most important Brit invasion bands that influenced 60’s garage rock sound. Here you got their ’64 debut, rockin’ r&b/beat slab with covers of Chuck Berry, Bo diddley, Slim Harpo, Lazy Lester, and some classic R.Davies tunes So Mystifying, Just Can’t Go To Sleep, I Took My Baby Home, You Really Got Me, Stop Your Sobbing. ”Face To Face” is their 4th studio album released in October 1966. The album marked the band’s shift from the hard-driving style of beat music, catapulting them to international acclaim. Being their first album consisting entirely of Ray Davies compositions, it has also been regarded by critics as rock’s first concept album.” Bought these stereo reissues in 1989., they still sound nice today. I know you know but then again… Vinyl rip by Mr.Eliminator. Dig!!!


the kinks 2

the kinks-face to face 2

R@M0#E$ – 1st / Leave Home [Vinyl Rip!]


A re-post of first two albums ripped from original vinyl [1st] and real cool UK ’87 reissue of ”Leave Home” on Mau Mau Records [division of Demon Records]. Well, I’ve recently found a rip of 180gr Rhino reissue from 2011. and it sounds pretty lame and shitty, so I decided to post it with my old rip for you to compare. And remember:  180g DOESN’T MEAN GOOD SOUND QUALITY ! Also, you can compare difference between ”It’s Alive” [80s German reissue] and  [Audio Fidelity] 2009. reissue. I think it’s better option to go for some 80’s reissues than for nowadays hipsters vinyl. You must choose brothers and sisters, you must choose. And yeah, by the way ”Leave Home” is on the Top10 list of my alltime favorite rock’n’roll records, next to New York Dolls, Stooges, Sonics, MC5, T.Rex, Flamin’ Groovies, The Clash etc… Supercool <360> Vinyl rip by Surfadelic. Check it out!



Everyone’s accusing me


ramones b

THE YARDBIRDS – Roger The Engineer (Mono/Stereo Vinyl Rip!!!)



Roger the Engineer (originally released in the UK as Yardbirds and in the US, Germany, France and Italy as Over Under Sideways Down) is a classic 1966. studio lp by the Yardbirds. These are Edsel records ’83 reissues with different collor cover art and different trackslists as Mono issue (blue cover) has two more cuts, ”Happenings Ten Years Time Ago”/”Psycho Daisies” from ’66 single. There are significant differences between mixes like in “Hot House of Omagararshid” (Beck’s lead guitar differs noticeably between the two mixes) or “He’s Always There” (Longer fadeout and extended vocals at the end of the mono version). This is their best lp, one of the top 60′ rock albums. You got killer stuff like Over, Under, Sideways, Down, Rack My Mind, He’s Always There, Turn Into Earth, What Do You Want… Edsel did a real good job with the sound [they used original E.M.I. masters]. In this case MONO version is my favorite. Vinyl rip by Surfadelic. Check it out!


yardbirds 769.jpeg




And “freakbeat” is what?

“For those of us who pushed our transistor radios to the limits in the 60’s, looking for stations playing British rock outside the boundaries of the top acts, this compilation will make life a lot easier. No more holding that small plastic box up in the air, turning it this way and that to catch signals from WLS Chicago and similar stations which introduced us to the lesser known UK groups of the day.
But, truth be known, we would have had a hard time hearing these tunes even on those rare radio programs. Not much of this material made it our way. And the term “freakbeat” was unknown to us, it was coined much later (in the 80’s by British journalist Phil Smee) to identify songs which were a little outside what stations might have been willing to carry. Album cuts, 45’s by one shot artists, etc. There are many gems in here that would cost you hundreds of dollars in the rare chance you could find them at all. For example, “Tell Her” the male gender version of the Exciters “Tell Him.” This is one of many fine compilations available on the subject, indeed, one of the better ones for the rarities. And, in itself, this compilation is getting pretty scarce as well.”


Pretty solid freakbeat comp. featuring killer mid 60’s stuff by The Blue Rondos, The Sorrows, Tony Jackson, The Clique, The Primitives, The Worrying Kynde, The Montanas, The Movement, The Troggs, The Truth, Simon Raven … Many of these trax could be heard on comps like ‘English Freakbeat’ and others but anyways… Jump And Dance, Dig!!!