PEBBLES VOL.12 (revisited)

PEBBLES VOL.12 (revisited) a


Here’s another sound revisitation, this time it’s Pebbles vol.12 from 1983. Again, it’s a cool mix of 60’s garage, bubblegum, pop and folk rock pulled out from various rare 45’s. On original lp the sound is often muffled or some trax are running faster than originals but that’s a charm of that early garage comps. Anyways, I’ve found best possible sources for these recording and the aural quality is much impoved just for your listening pleasure. Check some favs down there and Feel The Music !


PEBBLES VOL.12backpebbles-vol-12-2-ab



THE GODFATHERS – Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Live ’89) vinyl rip!

Godfathers Texas Chainsaw 1

“I been high and I been low
And I don’t know where to go…”

Attention all ya rockin’ kids!!! This is killer promo live LP issued in 1989. on Epic records. The Godfathers were at full speed on US tour promoting their 3rd album, so they came to Austin, Texas for a show where this live recordings were made. Don’t know how I missed this slab before but here it is now – GREAT sounding 9 trax vinyl rip of Godfathers killer live action. It’s short baby but it’s sweet. Say… Dig!!!

“I cut myself but I don’t bleed
‘Cause I don’t get what I need
Doesn’t matter what I say
Tomorrow’s still another day.”

Godfathers Texas Chainsaw 2


PEBBLES VOL. 9 (revisited)


“Sitting in class, waiting for time to pass
I’m eyeing some girl and getting mad at the world
When I’m out for the day, I meet some nice thing on the way
I said “if you’re free come along with me”
When I get too close and the feeling comes over me
Gotta Get Some!
(The Bold)

Issued in 1980. Pebbles 9 is one of the best volumes in this legendary 60’s garage comp series. Roughly split between folk rock garage/pop/beat on side 1 and 60’s punk on side 2, this comp opens with great Show Me The Way by The Free-For-All, kinda like a power pop gem from 60’s produced by Richard Delvy of The Chellengers. Then, there’s The Endd with delicate garage ballad Out Of My Hands one of favorites too. The Girl I Threw Away by The Knaves is nice example of Byrdesque folk-punk. After merseybeat influenced Pretty Girl by The Bugs, you got another folk-punk gem You’re Never Gonna Love Me Anymore by The Bucaneer’s. Side one ends with two solid garage pop tunes by The Beckett Quintet and The Outsiders [famous for ”Time won’t let me”].

On side 2 you have some classic garage stuff! First off it starts with refreshing ”running” beat of Run Run Run by The Gestures from Minneapolis. Then you got a real 60’s punk gem Gotta Get Some by The Bold, with snarly vocals, fuzzed out guitar and bold lyrics [later covered by The Fuzztones]. The Banshees with Project Blue, a garage guitar freak-out is pretty famous by now alright! New Colony Six tune At The River’s Edge is pretty fine Them influenced rave-up. Come Down by The Beethoven’s Fifth is garage pop gem with searing guitars. It’s All Meat from Toronto with their 1969. single a-side garage punk classic Feel It, is latest recording on this comp. Pebbles vol.9 closes with two trax by The Bad Roads, Too Bad & Blue Girl, both sides of their killer fuzzed-out ’67. single.

As ya already know, the sound on these early garage rock comps isn’t always Hi-Fi, so I have to do some revisitation and made this “Revisited” edition of this legendary compilation with improved sound quality. Don’t miss it, dig!!!


“On the beach when it’s just out of reach
All the girls gather round, you know they’re digging my sound
Holding hands in the sand, getting wet, getting tan
I’m so ready to go my mind’s gonna blow
When I get too close and the feeling comes over me
I Gotta Get Some!”






These are those legendary early eighties 60’s US garage rock comps issued in France in ’82/’83. EVERYWHERE CHAINSAW SOUND features 18 trax by the acts as Lincoln St. Exit, Spiders (w Link Wray), K-Otics, Scepters, The Reverbs, The Strangers, Ken And The Fourth Dimension, Guilloteens, Fe-Fi-Four + 2, Unchained Mynds, The Kan Dells, Original Dukes, The Monacles, The Music Explosion, Electric Prunes… EVERYWHERE INTERFERENCES features 8 trax by garage pop band Clefs Of Lavender Hill and 9 trax by White Lightning, The Pied Pipers, Baskerville Hounds, The Todds, The Moonrakers, The Satisfactions, The Cavemen  andThe Nomads. Sound quality is improved and much better compared to original vinyl. So, dig the chainsaw sound of 60’s.



THE OUTSIDERS – Thinking About Today, Their Complete Works



Legendary 60’s Dutch garage beat band from Amsterdam influenced by raw r&b sounds of The Pretty Things and The Kinks. They recorded wyld bunch of 45’s and two albums, ’67. eponymous debut and famous psychedelic “CQ” LP in “68. All this and more you can find on this 2CD compilation “Thinking About Today”. Check out ace garage/R&B, folk punkers like You Mistreat Me, Sun’s Going Down, Felt Like I Wanted To Cry, I Love Her Still, I Always Will Lying All The Time, Keep On Trying, That’s Your Problem, Touch, What’s Wrong With You, Teach Me To Forget You, Filthy Rich, Don’t You Cry, Misfit, Zsarrahh, Happyville, Do You Feel Alright… Some of their songs were covered by several garage revival bands as Lyres, The Tell-Tale Hearts, The Morlock… The Outsiders were one of the best 60’s Euro freakbeat groups. Don’t miss this, dig!






THE PRETTY THINGS – The Electric Banana Blows Your Mind + Defecting Grey / Talkin’ About The Good Times

The Electric Banana 1


By the late ’67 The Pretty Things change their style from raw R&B freakbeat to psychedelia. In November 1967 they released “Defecting Grey” single produced by Norman”Piper”Smith, “An intense hallucinogenic roller coaster ride, with backwards sitars, fairground organs, pastoral trippiness and industrial strength corrosion fuzz blasts, all in the space of around 4 apocalyptic life-changing minutes. And the acid dazzled lyrics veer from playful to surreal to darkly disturbed without batting a heavily stoned eyelid.” This was followed three months later by a double A-side single, “Talking About the Good Times” / “Walking Through My Dreams” which marked the beginning of sessions for the S.F. Sorrow album. Released in December 1968.

“Blows Your Mind” is a compilation of recordings made for the De Wolfe sound library under the name The Electric Banana from 1967-1969. Here you can find some KILLER ace psych stuff as Eagle’s Son, Grey Skies, It’ll Never Be Me, Alexander, Love Dance & Sing, Blow Your Mind… If ya dig ”S.F. Sorrow” kinda psych then this is for you. Blow your mind !!!


The Pretty Things Back




THE PRETTY THINGS – Vintage Years [Vinyl Rip!]



This is 2LP set compilation of Pretty’s ’65/’66 recordings, issued on Sire records in 1976. Here you got all of their classic rhythm ‘n’ blues influenced garage beat stuff as Don’t Bring Me Down, Road Runner, Come See Me, Rainin’ In My Heart, Honey I Need, Rosalyn, Can’t Stand The Pain, Mama Keep Your Big Shut, Gonna Find A Substitute, Midnight To Six Man, Buzz The Jerk, L.S.D… Maybe you wonder why you should dig this comp. after so many others, well I’ll tell ya. It has kinda different aural mix then other Pretty Things editions, maybe the best Pretty’s mid 60’s sound quality I’ve ever heard. It’s not my vinyl rip but hey… you should dig it anyway!


the-Pretty 4


20/20 [1979]

20-20 aa


Classic eponymus debut album for this power pop legends from Hollywood, California. First heard ’em on ”Giving It All” single included on ”From L.A. With Love” comp. recorded for Greg Shaw’s Bomp! Records in 1978. Apart from a couple of filler tracks, the first 20/20 LP was brilliant through and through — one of the top ten “powerpop” releases ever. That’s the best reason to get this. Songs like “Yellow Pills,” “Cheri,” “She’s An Obsession,” “Tell Me Why and most assuredly the album’s buried treasure “Jet Lag” will quickly turn your heart to ashes. ”Oh Cheri open up the door”… Dig!!!


20-20 c120-20 b




v.a. FROM L.A. WITH LOVE [Vinyl]



This is one of my favorite compilation lp’s I bought in the early 90’s. It’s a collection of singles issued by famous BOMP records in 70’s & 80’s featuring classic Power Pop & Punk acts as Plimsouls, 20-20, Flamin’ Groovies, Shoes, Surf Trio, Barracudas, Stiv Bators, Jeff Dahl, DMZ, Sky Saxon & SS-20, Zeros and Iggy & The Stooges. The concept is: first side power pop, the other side – garage punk, just simple as that and pressed on blue translucent vinyl. Already have posted it on my old blog and here it comes again. Some KILLER STUFF indeed. Dig!!!






BOSS MARTIANS – Making The Rounds / The Set Up

“Have some gritty rock chop with your pop!”

Two of the very best garage punk albums from the beginning of 21st century. On their 5th and 6th Lp [2002/03], North-West surfers change their style to a harder rockin’ power pop sound influenced by the 60’s acts as Small Faces, The Who, Paul Revere & The Raiders, The Sonics and 70’s bands like Cheap Trick, Elvis Costello or Ramones. Non stop guitars/organ driven rockin’ action with tunes like She Moves Me, Making The Rounds, Dreaming In Stereo, My Love Ain’t Free, Every Girl In Town or r’n’r radio hits as I Am Your Radio, Kill My Telephone, I Wanna Be Your Addiction, He’ll Be Around from “The Set-Up” lp. Already have posted this stuff before but hey… This is A MUST !!!