Surfadelic Presents: SULTANS OF SURF!


Hey surfers, listen up! Here’s brand new Surfadelic instro comp with wyld bunch of modern polyurethane rockers for your wave riding plesure. 25 trax of wet reverberation sounds featuring surfin’ aces & losers as AQUA VISTA, BLACKBALL BANDITS, BOSS MARTIANS, THE BRAINWASHERS, DADDY A GO GO, HUSKY & THE SANDMEN, JAFFA DE LUXE, LOS STRAITJACKETS, SURF TRIO, THE MYSTERY MEN?, SURFER JOE, THE TIKI TONES, THE VOLCANOS, THE TORMENTOS, THE PHANTOM SURFERS, BANG! MUSTANG!, THE WOGGLES, THE NEBULAS, BLIND SURFERS, THE DRAGSTERS, THE TOMORROWMEN, THE KRONTJONG DEVILS, THE ELIMINATORS, DIAMONDHEADS, INSECT SURFERS. And if you ask why it’s “Sultans Of Surf”, are there surfin’ sultans anywhere? Well, I don’t now but it sounds cool, ya know. Surf’s up!



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