HARMONICA MEN 2 – Revenge! (Maximum 60’s Garage R&B Beat)


AND NOW… Here’s follow up to “Harmonica Men” comp. reasonably named “Harmonica Men 2-Revenge!” alright. You’re gonna get more 60’s rhythm & blues influenced garage/beat favorites with emphasis on harmonica playing. Again, there are mostly UK bands, R&B/freakbeat aces as Downliners Sect, Pretty Things, The Yardbirds, The Kinks, The Eyes, The Sorrows, The Birds, Them, The Primitives… and few overseas garage groups as The Shadows Of Knight, The Litter, Count Five, New Colony Six, Nazz, The Ugly Ducklings or The Master’s Apprentice from down under. Maximum 60’s R&B Punk, enjoy!





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