Surfadelic Presents: LIKE NO OTHER MEN! (The Sonics tribute)


If any garage band deserves a tribute then it’s The Sonics, the premier 60’s punkers. This Northwest wild bunch inspired loads of garage punk & revival bands from 80’s to these very days. Groups like DMZ, Fuzztones, The Headcoats, The Mummies, Swingin’ Neckbreakers or the hitmakers like The Hives, owe much to The Sonics raw rock’n’roll style. And yeah, there are loads of covers of Sonics tunes done by new generations of garage punkers.
This Surfadelic compilation is a testimonial of that worship through the decades, it gathers most of the finest cover versions of Sonics classics as Strychnine, Cinderella, Boss Hoss, He’s Waiting, The Witch, Psycho and others. Although there is an ’89. comp. “Here Ain’t The Sonics” you already have heard for sure, this one is more complete and way better I guess, cause it’s made by Mr.Eliminator himself ya know. 26 trax of explosive garage punk action Sonics style done by new psycho generations . “Like no other men”, dig!!!




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