FLAMIN’ GROOVIES – Between The Lines


“Between the Lines” compiles, for the first time ever, all the original songs written by Groovies Cyril Jordan and Chris Wilson in the classic second version of the band. The Groovies gave themselves a major reboot in 1971 when a then 18-year-old Chris Wilson replaced Roy Loney as the band’s frontman and Cyril Jordan’s writing partner. This was the formation of the group that made that journey to England at the behest of UA, helping set the scene for punk and which, with a couple of line-up changes along the way, ended up signing to Sire Records and making three brilliant albums – Shake Some Action, Now, and Jumpin’ In The Night – before eventually running out of steam following Wilson’s departure in 1981. It’s the incarnation that headlined over the Ramones in London on July 4 1976 in London, but which then had to settle for being a massive influence on the nascent form of both power pop and all manner of ’60s influenced groups after the dictates of a post-punk world decide after the dictates of a post-punk world decided that their glorious rock’n’roll was not going to be the next big thing.”

From time to time I must put some Groovies stuff even know many of you already have loads of their outputs, but hey! they are my favs alright! Check this real cool newly remastered collection, best sounding Groovies stuff yet!




3 thoughts on “FLAMIN’ GROOVIES – Between The Lines

  1. What a fantastic tracklist. I have some fond memories of discovering The Flamin’ Groovies. Buying “Shake Some Action” on a whim for a couple of dollars. One of the best blind buys I have ever made. I was quick to add “Now” and “Jumpin’ In The Night”. And the day I discovered the Roy Loney years is a whole other chapter. Thanks for putting this one together. Cheers

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    • Back in the days I only knew first part of their career with “Flamingo” and “Teenage Head” but later on I found they had mid 70’s incarnation with new singer, “Shake some action” and power pop. It was revelation like finding a new continent or Atlantis. Now, this is my favorite Groovies stuff. Cheers!


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