JUSTIN TROUBLE (1982. Power Pop/Punk) vinyl rip!


New York City band that had a mildly successful stint on that city’s club circuit (breaking into the legendary Max’s Kansas City in the early ’80s) and released one unheralded album on the independent Casino label. Songwriter and lead guitarist Justin Trouble had an affinity for ’50s rockabilly, but he also merged Clash-derived aggression and power pop hooks and harmonies on a record that, had it been picked up by a major label, might’ve rested comfortably alongside critic’s faves by the Dbs and the Shoes. Certainly songs like “Missile” and “Let’s Get Together” are as good as any power pop from that era. [Peter Kurtz]

A perfect mix of New York Dolls’ punkiness, psych pop ballads, Alex Chilton’s twisted rock ‘n’ roll, Big Star’s power pop, and The Byrds’ jangle on this 1982 ultra-cult classic. A perfect soundtrack for urban romances.

If you’re a fan of Johnny Thunders style punk rock rumble circa “So Alone”, this is fer ya. Check some favs down there and ya know… Dig!!!




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