Recorded at the height of the Southern California surf music craze of the early 1960’s, the Surfriders’ album “Surfbeat Volume 2,” originally released in 1963, has become a highly prized collector’s item among fans of the early surf music scene. Produced by Richard Delvy, founding member of the Challengers, one of the pioneering groups of the surf music craze, “Surfbeat Volume 2” actually features the original members of The Challengers. Filled mostly with fine covers of Wipe Out, Memphis, Hot Pastrami, Sloop John B, Ram Bunk Shush, Ghost Riders, there are couple of quality originals as Rum Runner and Sunset Surfing.

The Cornells, a mid 1960’s Pacific Northwest surf band appear here as The Surf Riders with an album titled “Ten Tons Of Wet,” one of a long line of interesting obscure albums to come from the stable of the mysterious, legendary Los Angeles based musician/producer/entrepreneur known as Johnny Kitchen. Originally released in 1968, copies of the original LP sell for top dollar in collector’s circles.




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