8 thoughts on “Surfadelic Presents: WANNA BE 60’S PUNK! vol.4

  1. Long time follower who doesn’t say thank you often enough so THANK YOU for all the great music over the years. I was wondering if you’ve heard and/or have the soundtrack to the 1969 car racing flick Pit Stop? It was on TV a few weeks back and I couldn’t believe how freakin’ awesome the music was. Further research indicates that it is credited to garage psych band The Daily Flash but was actually some of the Daily Flash going by the name “Two Guitars, Piano, Drum & Darryl” at the time they recorded the soundtrack. The movie is on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/eMtUHN4fbhs but I’ve searched high and low for the soundtrack to no avail. I figure if anyone has it, it’s YOU!!


  2. Thanks for checking! I dug the Pit Stop tunes so much that I went and downloaded them from YouTube along with a couple Daily Flash live tunes and a cameo they did on The Girl from U.N.C.L.E. in 1967). Everything’s been thoroughly tagged and I included sources, biographical notes, and some images I found while trying to piece this together. The guitar player, Craig Tarwater, was in Sons of Adam prior to The Daily Flash and the spin-off band that recorded the Pit Stop soundtrack. I’m sure anyone whose made it to these comments is going to enjoy it as much as I do! I included the official Daily Flash comp “Jack of Diamonds 1966-68” as well as the little EP comp I cobbled together: https://workupload.com/file/96z2ZWFr4X7

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  3. hi mr e just wondered if you had one or could possibly make one a trioggs covers album of sixties bands covering troggs songs. would be great if you could. any possibilities. thanks a lot


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