BORN LIARS – Exit Smiling (2006)


“Houston’s Born Liars’ debut is a guitar lover’s dream, six-stringers Jimmy Sanchez and Geoffrey Muller way up in the mix and mugging for the camera, chopping, chording, and flailing their merry way through 11 sweaty tracks like the bastard love children of Wilko Johnson, Johnny Thunders, and Link Wray. Speaking of Johnson, they turn in an oily, righteous cover of Dr. Feelgood’s “She Does It Right.”
“Finger Poppin” and “Room to Move” amount to what some may view as battles of one-upmanship, but the results are liberating to say the least, chunky, determined, fully formed, and slashing, burning, and scorching anything in their way. If the Born Liars don’t inspire you to smoke, drink, and hunt for the truth, check that you’re not wearing slippers and smoking a pipe.” [Otto Luck]




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