Surfadelic Presents: SONGS BO DIDDLEY TAUGHT US Vol.2 [60’s Garage]


Here are mo’ Bo 60’s garage covers and Diddley beat influenced tunes.

That crazy & raw Bo Diddley’s R&B beat was one of the main influences on mid 60’s teenage rock’n’roll/garage riot all over the globe. Many famous 60’s bands covered Bo’s tunes like The Yardbirds, The Who, The Animals, Rolling Stones and 100s of groups copied Bo’s rave-up style for their own songs. Here is the 2nd volume of “Songs Bo Diddley Taught Us”, another 30 trax of 60’s garage Bo covers and tunes that mimic Bo Diddley style beat. Who do you love ?!



5 thoughts on “Surfadelic Presents: SONGS BO DIDDLEY TAUGHT US Vol.2 [60’s Garage]

    • No, those are my selfmade compilations, not official editions. Hence the title “Surfadelic Presents”. Glad if you thought they look like regular releases. It was only supposed to be one or two volumes but I found loads more cool 60’s covers and Bo’s related stuff. Gonna be one more volume soon. Cheers!


      • Well I did not really think they were real official albums but most of the albums you post here are unknown to me so I thought I’d ask just in case. 🙂

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