BURIED ALIVE!! 2 [Oz 60’s Garage Punk]


Remember groundbreaking BURIED ALIVE!! 6xCD compilation of 60’s garage from Australia and New Zeland? Well, this is sequel with 6 CD’s and 150 trax more of crazy raw r&b/beat action Oz style! It’s kinda like a overkill but you gonna like it, alright!
If you dig comps like Ugly Things, Wild Things, Devil’s Children or Before Birdmen Flew series than this stuff is A MUST fer ya!


DISC 1-3 / DISC 4-6


12 thoughts on “BURIED ALIVE!! 2 [Oz 60’s Garage Punk]

    • Links are working but zippy is blocked in your country.
      You should try this:

      If your browser is either Firefox or Chrome

      1. go to extensions
      2. in the upper right window search all add-ons
      3. “search” Hoxx VPN (which is free)
      4. install the add-on
      5. register with an email and a password for Hoxx vpn
      6. you’ll receive a notification – accept – your account will be activated
      7. login with your email and password

      (in your menu bar)
      you’ll have this window below
      choose the country (except UK / Germany / Italy)
      to bypass the 403- forbidden message and connect

      you can now download the ZS file without any problem


  1. Thanks, and Hoax VPN? is this a recommended from you, I do not use as a rule but lately I’m feeling more inclined too, and free…


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