Surfadelic Presents: HOT ROD ALLEY !!!

Surfadelic Presents - Hot Rod Alley! a


Maybe it’s not the best timing for this stuff but hey… it’s better now than never, alright! So… here’s brand new Surfadelic comp. with 50 mostly Hot Rod themed songs and some surfin’ and instro tunes. Almost 2 hours of 60’s draggin’ & surfin’ action featuring some of my favorite acts as The Hondells, The Buddies, The Astronauts, Dick Dale, Bobby Fuller Four, The Trashmen, The Super Stocks, Gary Usher, The Pyramids… Don’t happy be worry  😉   dig!!!



Surfadelic Presents - Hot Rod Alley! b5b


22 thoughts on “Surfadelic Presents: HOT ROD ALLEY !!!

  1. Your posts are always a welcome sight, especially during the strange daze that we are going thru; thanks for bringing us a little fun to listen to while we watch the end of the world unfold…hang in there ya’ll.

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  2. Music was my first love and it will be my music, music of the future. And music of the past. To live without my music. Would be impossible to do. In this world of troubles. My music pulls me through.
    To quote a song, your stuff’s is always welcome Surfadelic, especially now with this coronahoax and Nazis oppressing us and denying us our constitutional rights while Rockefeller’s Blackrock gets to raid the treasury.

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  3. hi there my dear dude, can you please tell us how to get those gems from zippyshare? i recall you explaining it, yea, but man i cannot find the post in which you were posting the steps to download from ZS. Thanks ans stay safe!

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    • Hi there amigo, try this:

      Here’s an easy way to bypass problem with zippy

      Read carefully this
      If your browser is either Firefox or Chrome

      1. go to extensions
      2. in the upper right window search all add-ons
      3. “search” Hoxx VPN (which is free)
      4. install the add-on
      5. register with an email and a password for Hoxx vpn
      6. you’ll receive a notification – accept – your account will be activated
      7. login with your email and password

      (in your menu bar)
      you’ll have this window below
      choose the country (except UK / Germany / Italy)
      to bypass the 403- forbidden message and connect
      you can now download the ZS file without any problem

      All the best,


  4. Hi friend
    There are many ways to download from zippyshare, but VPNs slow down.
    I think the “Zippyshare Age” is over. More and more countries are blocked, Spain too. There are much better alternatives that also do not delete the file if it is not downloaded in 30 days.
    I haven’t used it in a while, I use Drive and Mediafire and no problem, nothing has ever been erased from me.
    Your comp. Awesome.
    Greetings from Spain.

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    • I’m from Spain too and ZP is starting to be a pain in the a** ,yes. I got the file from TOR but man, took me a lot of time to do it. The VPN thing doesn’t work for me :/


      • Hola amigo:
        Mi opinión es que te instales el navegador Opera gratuito y lo uses solo para descargar de zippyshare como hago yo. Tiene VPN de serie, solo hay que activarlo, mira en google. para todo lo demas uso chrome.
        saludos desde el Alto Aragón.


      • Gracias! Uso Opera y no sabia del vpn :O lo mirare! Anyway u’re right there are better solutions for sharing stuff other than ZP. Saludos desde el Bajo Aragón!


    • Hi amigo, glad to hear from you and that you’re alright. Thanks for the tip for the substitutes for zippy, gonna check ’em out. Stay cool and keep on rocking in this crazy world.
      All the best,


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