Surfadelic Presents: Concentration Baby! (60’s Mod/Freakbeat)

optical 1a1a


Whatcha say ’bout spiral cover art, ha? Do ya feel kinda dizzy miss Lizzy? Ok, here we go! This is brand new Surfadelic comp dedicated to 60’s Mod & Freakbeat rock action, as you could see already. I’ve borrowed the title from an real cool Dave Clark Five song, they won’t mind I quess. Here I’ve gathered some of my favorite tunes mostly by UK bands and few by others like Dutch, Scandinavian, German & Italian groups. There are couple of trax by unknown authors or bands, so maybe you can help to solve that mystery. All I can say is, it’s a 100% killer collection you have dreamed of. Non stop raw, fuzzed-out & sexy rockin’ action by yesterday’s savage youth. There are many 60’s comps out there but hey, this one is Surfadelic, alright! You gotta deserve it, you have to concentrate! Look at those spirals… you gotta dig!!!


optical 1aa2


17 thoughts on “Surfadelic Presents: Concentration Baby! (60’s Mod/Freakbeat)

  1. Oh boy! Coolness overload! Excellent! I’m digging this right now! The title “I Need You” is particularly killer! And “Go Out And Get Her”! Wow! Thank you, sir!

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  2. Thanks for this…co-incidence, I recently searched my computer for ’60 psyche music singles from anywhere but U.S./U.K.. I came up w/about 5 hrs. of the strangest sounding stuff. The music is melodic very psych and ‘cept for Canadian, Aussie, etc. the lyrics are mostly unknown to me who only speaks English Spanglish Cajun…the vocals are articulated and cadenced perfectly and emotionally, but very vague in meaning, which adds greatly to the psych experience…btw, I like the op art…after some Columbian coffee and Ca. Blue Dream, things do start to swirl…

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    • Hi there amigo! Try this:

      Here’s an easy way to bypass problem with zippy

      Read carefully this
      If your browser is either Firefox or Chrome

      1. go to extensions
      2. in the upper right window search all add-ons
      3. “search” Hoxx VPN (which is free)
      4. install the add-on
      5. register with an email and a password for Hoxx vpn
      6. you’ll receive a notification – accept – your account will be activated
      7. login with your email and password

      (in your menu bar)
      you’ll have this window below
      choose the country (except UK / Germany / Italy)
      to bypass the 403- forbidden message and connect
      you can now download the ZS file without any problem


  3. Bonjour, je suis FAN des groupes Garages et je vous remercie pour vos partages. Je recherche deux compilations :
    Various ‎– The Best Of IGL Garage Rock
    Various ‎– At The Club (16 Killer Beat – Punkers From Europe)
    mais vos liens ont morts. Pouriez-vous s’il vous plait les réactiver ?


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