THE LEFT BANKE – And Suddenly It’s… (Vinyl Rip!)

BenQ DC S1410


“Baroque pop is a style of Pop that emerged in the mid 1960s when several Pop Rock recording artists began incorporating elements of Western Classical Music into their music. Many pop songs by then had already made use of instruments previously associated with classical music, such as harpsichord and strings, but baroque pop was distinguished for its majestic, melancholic sound that was more reminiscent of the Baroque Music of the 17th-18th century.” [RYM]



Inspired by Brit invasion bands, The Beatles, Stones, The Zombies and stuff like “Lady Jane” and “Eleanor Rigby”, NY group The Left Banke create their world of perfect melancholic pop sounds and became top US 60’s baroque pop act. They are famous for ’66 hit singles “Walk Away Renee” and “Pretty Ballerina” which charted in US and find their way on many 60’s comps as Nuggets. They recorded two fine Lp’s and few singles in ’67/’68.  This Bam Caruso LP collection from 1988. is probably the best overwiev of their 60’s recordings. 18 trax of heavenly vocals, arrangements, harpsichord and strings dominated sounds. Vinyl rip by Surfadelic!


BenQ DC S1410




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