BO DIDDLEY – Got My Own Bag Of Tricks [1972. Vinyl Rip!!!]

BO DIDDLEY - got my own bag of tricks 1


“For a lot of years, this double-album compilation, sort of the Bo Diddley equivalent to Chuck Berry’s The Great 28 or the first two Chuck Berry Golden Decade sets, was the best collection of Diddley’s stuff on the market, containing all of his best known songs and some of the best of his album tracks up through the mid-’60s.” [Bruce Eder]

Yo peoples! As ya already know – “No Bo no party!” Here’s vinyl rip of 2LP set collection in (fake) stereo so the sound is kinda different, more groovie than on other Bo’s comps, that’s the selling point alright! I know you got tons of Bo ‘s stuff but don’t miss this one, you’ll be surprised, dig!!!


BO DIDDLEY - got my own bag of tricks 3


10 thoughts on “BO DIDDLEY – Got My Own Bag Of Tricks [1972. Vinyl Rip!!!]

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  1. Thanks for puttin’ this up there! One of the things I love about your site is that the write-ups include a “selling point” that’s not simply just “it’s great, get it!” That, and the fact that the site is so well curated, unlike some other popular sites that have descended into high-volumes music stealing enterprises. Not calling out names, just saying what’s true. Annnnnyway! Keep up the good work!

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  2. I own the vinyl since a long time and now I know why it sounds so good…Fake Stereo ! I love it !
    Thanks for the info + post, now I can listen to it in my car, I´m a roadrunner honey, beep beep !

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