PEBBLES VOL. 11 & 13 (revisited !!!)


Milan “The Leather Boy”, is a star of Pebbles vol.11, with three outstanding garage/psych trax “I’m a Leather Boy”, “Shadows” and “You Gotta Have Soul” from his 1967. singles. He was also an excellent songwriter and producer who has credits on many other records released throughout the decade [I’ve alredy posted his collection on this site]. Other strong tunes are unusual psychedelizied cover of a Rolling Stones song, “The Spider and the Fly” by Von Ruden and the superb psych “Visions” by The Looking Glasses. Demented garage punkers by Modds and Barking Spyders are among the sparest garage rock tracks available; the former features only a guitar and tambourine plus growling vocals about a relationship breaking up, while the melody of the latter song — three notes up, three notes down — could scarcely be simpler. Then there are Aardvarks “I’m Higher Than I’m Down”, cool cover off the Pretty Things “LSD” named “E.S.P.” by The Beaver Patrol and classic 60’s frat/garage “Gone Gone Gone” by Third Evolution.
This LP would be even better if The Galaxies IV ‘Don’t Lose Your Mind’ was actually on the thing as advertised. In fact, if you look at the record label it says ‘Piccadilly Circus’ which is the correct track – an instrumental in a R Stones 2120 S Michigan Ave vein (and the original b-side of the 45). Anyways I’ve included it as a bonus track!


Pebbles Vol. 11bPebbles Vol. 11c

Volume 13 of this series shows some decline in quality of material but still has some strong garage stuff on side A, Rock Garden “Super Stuff”, The Apollos “Target Love”, Les Sinners “Nice Try”, on side B primitive garage of Knight Riders “I”, Cole & The Embers “Hey Girl”, again The Apollos with classic “That’s The Breaks” and Canuck teenage rebels Les Lutins “Laissez-Nous Vivre”. Well, that’s about it folks! Now check out the HQ garage sound, Dig!!!


Pebbles - Volume 13b

Pebbles - Volume 13c

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