PEBBLES VOL. 2 (revisited)


Pebbles - Volume 2-4176901987_3291b11069_k

This is legendary intro to this classic 60’s punk comp by a fictive rock critic “famed critic -at-large A. SELTZER”. I’ve bought this Pebbles volume sometimes in the early 90’s from an fat bearded Hell’s Angels looking guy who told me that it’s a crap sounding music and who wander why I want to buy it. Anyways, this collection was my entrance to the world of 60’s punk and it’s my no.1 favorite garage rock compilation of all time.

Next, check some more writings by Mr. A.Seltzer…

Pebbles - Volume 2

“Flower power/acid rock/garage rock/psychedelic etc you’ve heard all these now cliche and irritating tags. but have you heard what it really was? Pebbles will take you there.”

“The Moving Sidewalks’ “99th Floor” and The Choir’s “It’s Cold Outside” are stone-cold classics, it’s no surprise that members of either band would find success later in ZZ Top and The Raspberries, respectively.  Tracks from The Litter, The Dovers and Zakary Thaks are up to the high standards connoisseurs of 60s garage would expect, but even the lesser known bands are great here: The Road’s “You Rub Me the Wrong Way” is a fun little tune, The Squires’ “Go Ahead” is a great vocal number and The Little Boy Blues’ “I Can Only Give You Everything” is a head-nodding rocker.  And I’ve not even mentioned the bluesy “So What!” by the The Lyrics, which might be the funnest track here.  One of the better 60s garage comps out there.”


Even know there’s a 1992. reissue of Pebbles 2 with pretty decent sound, again I did some revisitation to make it even better. All trax are mastered by Mr. Eliminator from best possible sources just for your listening pleasure, ’cause ya know … this is A MUST!!!




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