PEBBLES VOL.7 & 8 (revisited !!!)


“Pebbles 7 & 8 are connected as they are sharing pt.1 & pt.2 of the liner notes written by The Rev. & Ms. Tommy Parasite. Both comps are offering the typical wide range of rare and obscure 60s Garage-punk and early Psych as it was manifested on Pebbles 1 & 2. Volume 8 includes “You must be a witch” (with later “Dead Moon” singer “Fred Cole”), the nasty depressing “I never loved her” by “The Starfires” and “I can`t stand this love, goodbye” and “She Lied”, both original Punkrock smashers. Other favs are raw garage/psych of Faine Jade “It Ain’t True”, The Caravelles “Lovin’ Just My Style”, Question Mark & The Mysterians “Make You Mine”,  and killer fun of “Don’t Do It Some More” by The Cindermen. Pebbles Vol. 8 closes with the wonderful “I Live in the springtime” by The Lemon Drops. One of the best Pebbles compilations and my all-time favorite.”

Pebbles Vol.7 is pretty solid too, outstanding are the starter “Trippin`Out” which is just devastating and “White Ship”, which owns a similar vibe than the great “Five years ahead” of “Third Bardo” of Pebbles Vol. 3. Side A ends with “Sweet Young Thing” by “The Chocolate Watchband” which is an all time classic Garage anthem. Side B is somehow stronger with great “When I Arrive” by We The People, The Soul Survivors “Shakin’ With Linda”, two cool garage folk rockers by The Four Fifths & The Dovers. Then, there are two moody organ driven gems “A Pindaric Ode” by The Sunday Funnies and “Frustration” by Painted Ship. This volume closes with searing guitar driven “Love” b The Live Wires.

These two classic Pebbles comps deserve to be heard in much better sound, so here are REVISITED versions with blazing aural quality. All trax are mastered by Mr. Eliminator from best possible sources just for your listening pleasure. As ya know already… this is A MUST! Dig!!!

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