PEBBLES VOL.10 + B-sides (revisited !!!)

BenQ DC S1410


Here we go with another volume in Pebbles series, one of my favorites. I’ve already posted “revisited” version of this slab before but now it’s even better + it comes with B-sides and some bonus cuts added for a good measure. Now this “garage monster” is a piece of hard work and has 36 trax alright! As you know, you gotta deal with mix of garage folk rock, beat, pop and classic fuzzed-out 60’s punkers. Real cool action starts with The Ides Of March ”Roller Coaster” and goes to the very end with killer fuzz driven ”Don’t Shoot Me Down” by The Brogues. Along the way you got some kick ass legendary stuff & garage anthems like The Ugly Ducklings – Just In Case You Wonder, The Foggy Notions – Need A Little Lovin’, Raga And The Talas – My Group & Me, Leo & The Prophets – Tilt-A-Whirl, Human Expression – Love At Psychedelic Velocity, The Wig-Wags – I’m On My Way Down The Road, Steve Walker & The Bold – Train Kept A Rollin, 13. The Things To Come – I’m Not Talkin’, Five Americans – Slippin’ And Slidin’, The Groupies – Primitive. Watcha say ha? This is A MUST for 60’s punk fans and others. Audio mastering by Mr.Eliminator at Surfadelic ”Planet of sound” studios! Check some favs down below and… do the dig!!!


Pebbles vol.10 [1980] bPebbles vol.10 [1980] c



6 thoughts on “PEBBLES VOL.10 + B-sides (revisited !!!)

  1. The Pebbles LP’s were both quite a revelation & a drag due to the ridiculous technical flaws when they appeared back then. The track selection & track sequencing were mostly great on the first 10 or so volumes, however – having them re-done perfectly & sounding 100% professional was really a dream since then – & it’s been quite a long time! THANK YOU for your work!!!… Having the best possible sound for each track is only one third of the game – sound levels unity & perfectly similar silences going from one track to the next are almost equally important. I have listened to your Volume 9 right now – there are still minor but annoying flaws due, first to a slightly sound level mishap starting with the “Need Your Loving” track, which sounds louder than the previous track, then to some problems in between some tracks, most notably before “Train Kept a Rollin'” if I recall correctly, where the silence seems to last forever. I am not able to correct these. I’m sure you must be! THANKS AGAIN!


    • Thanks for your comment. Firs of all, this is not official editions and nobody pays for it so no one will be hurt. I do this just for fun and love of music so here and there some errors may occur, there are loads of work you know. But, If i was paid I’d do it perfectly for sure 😉
      Anyways, thanx for comming and pointing out the trax [from vol.10] that have flaws, I correct ’em and put a new link, check it out! Regards.


  2. Thank you very much for your work! I learnt about “Primitive” from the Cramps, but the Groupies track is more disturbing.
    Somehow I can’t find the bonus, following the link i’ve only got 16 tracks

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