STOMPIN’ vol.1-27 [Rare 50s & 60s Rhythm & Blues]

Stompin' vol.01_resize


Here’s complete, now a classic lp compilations series of rare & wyld 50’s/60’s R&B, Blues, Jump Blues, Country Blues, Blues shouters, stompers and rockers. BLUES BLUES BLUES, all kindsa blues. There are some great volumes and some so so but you gotta dig anyways. This is rhythm & blues overdose! All right, Blues, Blues, Blues! Come on in Blues lovers!

[Special thanx to Gyro1966 from twighlightzone]



 Stompin’ 1            Stompin’ 2            Stompin’ 3            Stompin’ 4           Stompin’ 5   

Stompin’ 6            Stompin’ 7            Stompin’ 8            Stompin’ 9           Stompin’ 10

Stompin’ 11          Stompin’ 12          Stompin’ 13          Stompin’ 14         Stompin’ 15

Stompin’ 16          Stompin’ 17          Stompin’ 18         Stompin’ 19         Stompin’ 20

Stompin’ 21          Stompin’ 22          Stompin’ 23         Stompin’ 24         Stompin’ 25

Stompin’ 26          Stompin’ 27

9 thoughts on “STOMPIN’ vol.1-27 [Rare 50s & 60s Rhythm & Blues]

  1. Wow….gotta be among the single best posts on any garage-themed blog ever, right? Incredible resource, and impeccable taste. Where other sites are veering off into modern pop & mountains of visitor-generated links, you stay on-point and continue to bring the message via well-curated and well-packaged content. Def my fave site these-a-days!

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  2. Thanks for these. I thought I had them… but maybe not. I have another Stompin series with 27 volumes, but they appear to have different tracklists and cover art! So hard to keep track of all these white label releases.

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    • I have that other Stompin series (spelled without an apostrophe) that Billy K. mentions … I’ve had that and this set for years, and could never figure out the source of either one.

      I also want to complement HeySuchandSuch on his hyphenation choices. I did that work for decades, and it’s amazing how many anti-hyphen people are out there.

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