ANDRE WILLIAMS – Silky [1998]

Andre Williams silky 1a

My favorite Andre W, slab

R.I.P. Mr. Rhythm

”I don’t care who you are,
Cause I’m the man with a star on the car!
Bad mother fu*cker!”

BenQ DC S1410




5 thoughts on “ANDRE WILLIAMS – Silky [1998]

  1. Yes, Zippyshare is blocked in the UK, i use a paid VPN so i’m fine, anyone who doesn’t need/want a paid VPN then the free one built into Opera Browser works fine, i just tried it…
    (You will need to activate it in the Opera options)
    Thanks for this, sounds good so far…

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  2. I loooove this album – and I like a lot of AW’s early work too – but I’ve come to believe that this record being so good was more a result of Mick Collins & Dan Kroha than anything AW actually brought to the project. A lot of the songs are re-treads of earlier works, and would be revisited again (and again) in future works. Some of the best moments feel less like well-crafted songs and more like rants that were accidentally captured on tape & then set to music (an approach Jon Spencer would try – and (IMHO) fail with – on “Black Godfather.” None of this is to detract from the greatness of this album, or AW’s other work, but it IS a cautionary statement about his other, post-“Silky” work, none of which lives up to the off-the-chain wildness of this amazing record.

    Also: LOVE the blog, keep up the good work!

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  3. Way back in ’98 I ordered this lp from Crypt records as they advertised it as the record of the year, a must have. And it was true, a real kisk ass wyld slab that I was expecting from The Gories fronted by “Black Godfather”. Couple of years later I attended one of the best concerts in my life when Andre backed up by the Green Hornet performed in my hometown Belgrade. Yeah, his album with Jon Spencer is a bit let down like a movie with lotta great actors but not so good as expected. Another one of my favs is “Bait And Switch”, a real cool R&B slab. Stay tuned for more r’n’r, cheers!


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