NUGGETS (Sire Records 1976. 2LP Stereo) Vinyl Rip!



This is ’76. Sire rec. reissue of the Lenny Kaye’s legendary garage rock compilation but with different cover art. You’re familiar with 4CDs Rhino box set where 1st disc is like original ’72 Nuggets, but the sound is pretty different as Rhino discs are mono remasters [with brickwalled sound] while Sire and Elektra used stereo and mono masters. Vinyl rip by Surfadelic. Check it out!





7 thoughts on “NUGGETS (Sire Records 1976. 2LP Stereo) Vinyl Rip!

  1. This LP was my intro to the genre back in the day. Album lost/stolen in college. The songs I’ve got in digital form elsewhere, but it’s neat to see them all brought together here again. I used to play “My World Fell Down” and “Moulty” (among others) on my oldies college radio show.

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    • You’re welcome! I think many reissue labels today force mono sound for 60’s albums, they think it’s kinda fancy.
      There’s a 2012. Rhino vinyl reissue, don’t know if they used the original master.


  2. It seems to be the one I should get instead of my German copy with 2 songs less… I disappointed every time I think about this detail. Anyway, I never check recording detail between vinyl and CD Box. Nice to know but I always find that CD were less dynamic than vinyl edition.
    Thanks Mister E.

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    • Just checked out that German issue, yeah they ommited track B2, The Seeds’ Pushin Too Hard, and track C6, The Blues Magoos’ Tobacco Road. Pretty strange. Anyways, enjoy the stuff, cheers!


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