DOWNLINERS SECT – The Birth Of Suave [UK 60’s Raw Garage/R&B]



Released on Wild Billy Childish‘s Hangman label in 1991., this collection of Downliners Sect‘s 60’s tunes was my very first contact with legendary ”Deerstalking” rockers. From wyld cover of Leiber & Stoller’s “Little Egypt” [The Coaster], ingenious fuzzed-out version of Perry Como’s ”Glendora” and definitive take on little known Lou Reed/John Cale pre Velvet song ”Why Don’t You Smile Now”, to killer originals Everything I’ve Got To Give,Outside, One Ugly Child, I’ll Find Out, He Was A Square, you’re gonna get a taste of C.Berry, Bo Diddley, Jimmy Reed influenced raw mid 60’s r&b. These guys beat the Stones and Pretty Things in their own game. 14 trax LP + 8 bonus trax goes to whopping 22 trax of ‘Deerstalking’ garage rock action. Baby, this is A MUST! Find Out What’s Happening, Dig!!!


Downliners Sect The Birth of Suave 2





4 thoughts on “DOWNLINERS SECT – The Birth Of Suave [UK 60’s Raw Garage/R&B]

  1. Wow…been hoping to find some Downliners somewhere, and boom – here it is! Yr blog has been killing it over the past few months, and this is just more of that bing-boom-bam garage rawk wildness. I really appreciate that you keep this site well curated and sharply groomed, with no side-trips into mid-80s prog or early 20s zydeco. That stuff is all well and fine for those who can stomach it, and there’s places to go if you wanna get it. But I’m getting tired of thumbing thru post after post of sidebar-type, “here’s something different” yuckola of the sort that has been clogging up other prominent garage rawk blogs of late. Anyway! No need to gripe about what’s not happening, because this place IS happening and that’s good enough for me. Keep up the good work!


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    • Woah! You naild it. It’s kinda like “The Declaration of Garage Rock Independence”. Thanx for all kind words, glad you like the stuff. Stay tuned for more “Sect” music. Cheers!



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