THE BIRDS vs THE EYES [Killer 60’s Mod/Freakbeat]



More freakbeat at Surfadelic. These two London garage gangs made some of the best examples of mid 60s mod/freakbeat sound. The Eyes with their ’65/’66 singles trax  When The Night Falls, I’m Rowed Out and You’re Too Much were more than equal rivals to The Who [even made parody with ”My Degeneration”]. The Birds, Ron Woods’ first group were R&B influenced hard rockin’ Mod band that recorded several singles for Decca records from ’64 to ’66, with You’re On My Mind, killer cover of Leaving Here, Next In Line, No Good Without You Baby, How Can It Be and final ’66 single Say Those Magic Words. In 1966, they did a cameo appearance in the horror film The Deadly Bees, performing their song “That’s All I Need you For”. Shame, neither of groups made an lp but you could hear ’em on various comps as The Perfumed Garden, Nuggets II, English Freakbeat etc. Say Those Magic Words… Dig!!!






4 thoughts on “THE BIRDS vs THE EYES [Killer 60’s Mod/Freakbeat]

  1. Sorry Sir, but it’s difficult to compare The Eyes and The Who. The Eyes discography, it’s only 5 singles! and one album covering The Rolling Stones under the name of The Pupils and it was a command issued by Philips with under label Wing. The Birds tour lot of but also issued only 4 singles. Their lost album, never ear about it but if you check 90’s bootleg or even official Deram CD, effectively there’s more songs but one album? Kindly let me know your source as i’m interesting about. I love both bands but for me I never thinked they were garage bands but more UK Mod band or Freakbeat, like qualified by Phil Smee.
    “Satisfaction” Pupils cover is something great.


    • I compared ’em with The Who just for the time of ’65/’66 when they put out their singles, not for the whole career. I’ve said they are 60s mod/freakbeat, but also use ”Garage” term because they were raw rockin’ underground bands as their conterparts contemporaries in the US. I’ve selected trax from “The Arrival of The Eyes” lp plus couple of Pupils cuts and trax from ”The Collectors’ Guide To Rare British Birds”. Yeah, “Satisfaction” cover is pretty cool. Cheers


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