MC5 – Rehearsals

MC5 Rehearsals 1


This collection of rarities and outtakes from 1969-1972 [from Wayne Kramer’s private tapes] is almost similar to ROIR 80s comp. ”Babes in Arms”, except for some not so important instrumental versions and exclusion of three early single trax. Most of the cuts are alternate versions of songs from the band’s studio albums, with great outtakes from ”High Time” LP – Skunk, Poison, Gotta Keep Movin, Baby Wont Ya, Sister Ann, Future Now. Then you got psychedelizied wah-wah jam Train Music [originally intended to be used for film ”Gold”], fine instros The Pledge Song and Power Trip [actually ”Skunk” instro version] and bunch of trax from debut LP with cool version of Tonight [great intro!] and delightful acoustic mix of Shakin’ Street. To make it complete I’ve added Looking At You / Borderline ’68 single plus three trax from ”Babes in Arms”, a ’67 single I Can Only Give You Everything / One Of The Guys and ’69 single B-side ”I Just Don’t Know”. Join the high-octane Detroit r’n’r’ revolution. ”…Order is my attitude, Beauty and perfection Are my attack”… Dig!!!



Muro do Classic Rock





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