HONKERS & TWANGERS [Rare & Unreleased 60’s Instros]

Honkers & Twangers1a


”Too often, rock & roll instrumentals are considered filler when they were often a pivotal part of the pre-Beatles rock & roll experience. Ace’s 2013 collection Long-Lost Honkers & Twangers doesn’t collect the best of that forgotten era — the title itself is a tip-off that the compilation concentrates on oddities, not known quantities — but by balancing 13 rare singles with 13 previously unreleased sides, the compilation re-creates an era when echoed guitars could be a groovy thing in and of itself. Certainly, there are times when the surging rhythms recall surf rock — many of these bands are Californian and even if they weren’t, the rush of cascading waves was an irresistible temptation to mimic — but some groups have a CinemaScope bent to their sonic vistas while other bands get down and dirty, concentrating not on the melody but the rhythm.” [Thomas Erlewine]

Yep! Another all-instrumental collection with some rare surfin’ & twangin’ gems as The Avantis ”Wax ’em Down”, The Titans ”Skokiaan”, The Reveliers ”White Water”, The Rondels ”Zombie”, The Exports ”Car Hop”, The Swanks ”Ghost Train”, The Gigolos ”Night Creature”,  The Ventures ”Murfreesboro” and some so so & lame trax like stupid Johnny & the Hurricanes tunes. Anyways, get yer twang!


Honkers & Twangers2




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