EP CHOICE – From The Rare Mod EP Collection

EP Choice - From The Rare Mod EP Collection


Interesting collection of rare and demo recordings by 60’s mod acts as Steve Marriott’s Moments, The Fleur De Lys, The Mule Skinners, The Richard Kent Style, Sharon Tandy , The Clique… It’s a mix of garage, r&b, mod & soul tunes. I’ve added bonus The Afex ”She’s Got The Time” E.P. for a good measure. Check some favs below, Dig!!!






6 thoughts on “EP CHOICE – From The Rare Mod EP Collection

  1. Dear Mister,
    This is a great compilation and thanks to share such kind of post. To complete your comment, i would say:
    Donnie Elbert, James Patterson, Maxine & The Fantastics were produced by Graham Dee and are part of Hitsville London EP.
    Acid Jazz EP Collection was also little bit more expensive as on vinyl EP edition, there’s every time 4 titles on each support and compare to this CD some songs of following artists are missing (Steve Marriott, The Richard Kent Style, The Fleur De Lys). Also some LP were issued in the same time:
    Kenny Bernard and The Wranglers (Live ’65), The Frays (Unissued LP), The Fleur De Lys (Singles comp), The Graham Dee Connection (production comp) & Freddy Mack Show (’66 first recording).

    Two of these albums are something special as The Frays were the same band members as The Sneekers who plays with the Who (the High Numbers, in fact) for what we later had called: Maximum R&B at the Marquee. This British R&B album was produced by Shel Talmy but never issued before, only few acetates were pressed. A pity!
    Another is one of the greatest British Mod soul album of the sixties done by an american DJ and singer: The Fantastic Freddy Mack Show Live at Toft’s Club Folkstone. Issued in 1966 at only 99 copies by Freddy himself to don’t pay BMI rights. Copies were sold after his shows at the time. I recommand highly this one too because on this recording you can feel what should be the fever in Brighton Mod clubs during the six
    To finish this boring talk i will add that The Graham Dee Connection compilation is of course the perfect complement of Hitsville London EP, you can listen on above post.

    And now because it’s stupid to talk about something you cannot listen, i’m proposing you to share all Acid Jazz Mod Collection from 2008 to 2013. There’s few EP’s issued from this date but i don’t bought mainly due to their high price practice by Acid Jazz.

    Acid Jazz EP & LP Collection 2008-2013_part1
    Acid Jazz EP & LP Collection 2008-2013_part2
    Acid Jazz EP & LP Collection 2008-2013_part3
    Acid Jazz EP & LP Collection 2008-2013_part4

    I’m including all vinyl EP and LP, tagged with covers but sorry file extension is .m4a as all were download from iTunes to listen them before bought in vinyl.

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