RUMBLE ROCK vol.1-3 [60’s Rare R-billy/Garage Rockers]

Rumble Rock Vol.1aRumble Rock Vol.2a

Rumble Rock Vol. 3


Ultra Low-Fi Rockers! Wild guitar actions! Insane-Kickin’ Ass Rockers!

Well alright! Here’s a vinyl comp. series of some sloppy, dirty, drunken, undisciplined 60s rockers [mostly uncomped]. Here you gotta deal with some rare, obscure R-billy, C.Berry influenced R’n’R , few mid 60s garage & R&B rockers and instrumentals. It’s kinda like now legendary ”Greasy Rock’n’Roll” comp. series. Below are some of my favs you can check out. Now ya know what a fuss is all about. It’s about RUMBLE !!!




7 thoughts on “RUMBLE ROCK vol.1-3 [60’s Rare R-billy/Garage Rockers]

  1. Great stuff as usual. Thanks. That 3rd volume cover photo was reused by Stag-O Lee for one of their 10″ vinyl rockabilly releases. ALso a great rockabilly comp.


  2. Hey Mr. E! Just wanted to say “thanx” for the Rumble Rock series, and for everything you post up on this amazing site you’ve built. Definitely appreciate the effort it takes to build and maintain this site, especially when it comes to keeping it fully stocked with hot ‘n’ ready DLs that I haven’t seen elsewhere. Keep it up!

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    • Thanx for those kind words. I’m really glad that you enjoy rockin’ stuff at Surfadelic. I’m in love with R’n’R so it’s a pleasure to do these things. Especially I try to dig up and raise some cool rare stuff that deserve to be heard again. Stay tuned, cheers!


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