THE HONDELLS – 4CD Collection !!!


“The Hondells were a west coast surf/hot rod band in the early 60’s that had songs on the Billboard Hot 100 and appeared in several movies like “Beach Blanket Bingo” and “Beach Party”.
The band toured throughout the United States with the Dick Clark Caravan of Stars and played with a USO tour in Vietnam. They released several albums and singles on the Mercury label under the name of The Hondells. The main members of the band also played on and released songs as “The Weird-Oh’s” and “The Super Stocks”.
The band members were Richard “Ritchie” Burns, Wayne Edwards, Randy Thomas, Dennis McCarthy, Al Ferguson, Les Weiser and “King of The Fuzz” Davie Allan. Most of their material was produced by Gary Usher.”

Ugh! It’s gonna be a bit of overkill but for you ‘hard core’ fans of surf & hot rod Hondells style it’s never enough. I’ve already posted their classic ’64/’65 slabs [several times] and an collection, but these 4cd’s cover everything The Hondells crew recorded in the 60’s. Here you got albums, singles, alternate versions, commercials, rarities, their recordings as THE SUNSETS, THE FOUR SPEEDS, THE COMPETITORS, THE GHOULS [lp posted on old blog], THE SUPER STOCKS, THE GO-GO’S , with LLOYD THAXTON and GARY USHER. Everything you wanna know about your favorite Honda bikers is here, so c’mon… You’re Gonna Ride With The Hondells !!!



10 thoughts on “THE HONDELLS – 4CD Collection !!!

  1. Got this set when it first came out. Great collection. Got a HUGE collection of surf’n’drag stuff myself, including loads of Usher-related material, albums, CDs, books … you name it !
    Rare South African LPs from The Fantastic Baggys ? Check ! Squiddly Diddly Goes Surfin ? Check ! Mr Gasser ? Check ! Silly Surfers ? Ghouls ?? RoadRunners ??? Check !
    I look forward to seeing what else you dig out of the archives !


    • Well, The Hondells deserved it, they’re lot more than one hit wonders. Mr. Usher too, legend of surf/hot rod music. I got that ‘strange’ The Fantastic Baggys lp, Squiddly Diddly too. Silly Surfers & Mr. Gasser & The Weirdos I’ve already posted here. The Ghouls ”Dracula’s Deuce” cool lp got posted on my old blog. Road Runners ”The New Mustang…” have too. Glad you drop by, Cheers!


    • Hi, you have Delltones Surf N Stomp and Gary Usher Competitors Hits of the street and strip? I have records too share. Risers She’s a bad motorcycle, Zip Codes Mustang and others.


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