THE ASTRONAUTS – Surfadelic Collection !!! [’60s Surf Instros]

The Astronauts - Surfadelic Collection (1)


“The Astronauts [from Boulder, Colorado] were an American rock and roll band, who had a minor hit in 1963 with “Baja” and remained successful for several years, especially in Japan. They have been described as being, “along with the Trashmen, the premier landlocked Midwestern surf group of the ’60s.” [wiki]

Damn! Another surfadelic comp… Well, I know you know but then again The Astronauts are one of the 60’s superfine surfin’ groups [my favs!], so they deserved supercool surfadelic treatement. This here is a collection of their classic 60’s instrumentals + some rare stuff, all in all 24 trax of a drippin’ reverberaton sounds. Hot-Doggin’, Movin’, Firewater, Surf Party, The Hearse… Wow! Just ask Boss Martians, The Untamed Youth, The Fathoms and bunch of other surf revival gangs where they get inspiration from. Hot-Doggin’ Dig!!!


astronauts-surf-party abastronauts-surf-party c

The Astronauts - Surfadelic Collection (2)




9 thoughts on “THE ASTRONAUTS – Surfadelic Collection !!! [’60s Surf Instros]

  1. I just had to comment on the Astronauts. They are so psychodelic. I was wondering if there were any other surf bands from the ’60’s that were more psych sounding, whether they intended to or not. Please post if you have ’em…thanks so much you are both quite knowledgeable and generous.


    • Hi Ron, glad you like the Astronauts. If you’re in for the real 60’s psychedelic surf you should ‘dig’ [if you already don’t] Davie Allan & the Arrows, favorite Surfadelic group [actually, Surfadelic name was inspired by them]. I’ve posted all their stuff here on ”DAVIE ALLAN [king of fuzz] !!!” page of this blog. Especially check out their albums ”Blues Theme” [1967], ”Cycle-Delic Sounds Of” [1968] or great compilation ”Devils Rumble”. Also you could dig their debut lp ”Apache 65”, cool 60’s soundtracks ”The Wild Angels” [1966] and ”Devils Angels” [1968] and collection of rarities ”Cycle Breed”.
      Then there are interesting Japanese surfer Takeshi Terauchi, some stuff from The Ventures, The Marketts ”Out Of Limits” lp or my recent post The Eliminators ”Liverpool, Dragsters, Cycles & Surfing”. That’s it for now. Surf’s Up!


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