BERT WEEDON – 22 Golden Guitar Greats [1976] Vinyl Rip!



More Bert Weedon instros, this time from his ’76 Lp with covers of classic tunes as Wipe Out, Diamonds, Sleepwalk, Walk Don’t Run, F.B.I, Perfidia, Apache… Relaxing, easy listening stuff for another lazy weekend. Dig !!!






3 thoughts on “BERT WEEDON – 22 Golden Guitar Greats [1976] Vinyl Rip!

  1. Holy shit, I’ve been off the blogs for a few months and totally missed your triumphant return. Welcome back, I hope you are well – your ears are obviously in great shape, your posts are kickin’ ass. Thought about you when I saw the Daytonas “Parabolica” go through TZ a while back, glad to see you found that. Keep on truckin’ (or surfin’, as the case may be), looking forward to the all the gems I know you’ve been stock-piling for us. Dig!

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    • Hi Larry, it’s nice you drop by to check what’s goin’ on at Surfadelic. Well, I’m not great as before but good enough for some more rockin’n’rollin’. Yeah “Parabolica” was really hard to find and I’m happy to snatch it. I was off the blogging over a year, so I loose some touch with new stuff. In the meantime there are lotsa new slabs appear like a cool new volumes of Belter, Bonehead comps and stuff. Anyways, I’m gonna do what I can, gonna surf ’till the end. Thanks for coming, Cheers!


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