IGGY POP – Garden Of Evil (1987)

Iggy Pop - Garden Of Evil-9368.jpeg


’80s Unofficial Release on limited vinyl [in various colors], mostly with “Zombie Birdhouse”, “New Values”, “Soldier” outtakes, live trax and radio show appearances. Pretty interesting stuff from his new wave phase as Warrior TribeFire Engine, Old Mule Skinner, Popper World, cover of Fortune Teller and ballads One For My Baby [Sinatra] or Pretty Flamingo. Well ya know Iggy, what should I say. Vinyl Rip, Dig

Track details as detailed on back cover:
A1: IG The Pig – [Recorded in a Montreux church in ’86 during the “BLAH-BLAH” Sessions]
A2: Repo Man – [An ’83 studio outtake – later used in the soundtrack]
A3: Warrior Tribe – [“ZOMBIE” outtake]
A4: 96 Tears – [A very rare ’83 live version]
A5: The Idiot – [Should have been the title track to the ’77 Pop/Bowie lp]
A6: One For My Baby – [A ’78 live rarity – James Osterberg meets Frank Sinatra]
B1: Fire Engine – [“ZOMBIE” outtake]
B2: Fortune Teller – [recorded during rehearsal to “SOLDIER” in spring ’79.]
B3: Search & Destroy – [This version was recorded during the ’77 Mantra sessions]
B4: Driftin’ From Town To Town – [This bizarre little piece was done in ’74 on a FLO & EDDIE radio-show]
B5: From The Inside – [This is the original ’77 recording]
B6: Old Mule Skinner – [“ZOMBIE” outtake]
B7: Pretty Flamingo – [“NEW VALUES” outtake]
B8: Speak To Me – [“NEW VALUES” outtake]
B9: Popper World – [Taken from the “ZOMBIE” rehearsals live on tour]


Iggy Pop - Garden Of Evil-1718.jpeg



6 thoughts on “IGGY POP – Garden Of Evil (1987)

  1. Looks very interesting, if only for the “New Values” outtakes, truly one of his greatest LPs. Never understood why this record is so underrated. Well, that’s my opinion…
    Thank you !!!


    • New Values is one of my favs too. Well, don’t know why it’s underrated as his other post-Bowie new wave stuff, maybe because people expected another ”Lust for Life” or there’s no MTV ”hit” & no Bowie until Blah Blah. Cheers!


  2. Out of the mountain of vinyl I’ve amassed over the years, the artist that I have the most records by is Jerry Lee Lewis, followed closely by Iggy Pop.

    And I’ve never seen this boot! You rock, Eliminator!

    I Jerry Lee and Iggy as kindred spirits linked by their sheer audacity, tenacity, and their ability to barely maintain some semblance of control during their best performances. Those are important elements of rock and roll that can’t be faked, in my opinion. An artist’s music either takes them there, or it doesn’t. James Brown managed it too, but I don’t like everything he ever did like Jerry Lee or Iggy.

    New Values is where I started getting into Ig, having bought a vinyl copy at a flea market because I loved “I Wanna Be Your Dog” and the cover was cool. It’s still one of my favorite albums bar none. He is indeed the prince of the punks.

    Another Iggy album no one seems to appreciate is PARTY, which contains “Pumping For Jill” which is as dumb/cool as Dee Dee Ramone’s best work. “Party” also has the version of “Sea Of Love” that SHOULD have been a hit several years BEFORE Robert Plant had a hit with it as “The Honeydrippers.”

    There’s a fantastic version of “Time Won’t Let Me” that rivals The Smithereens later cover of the song on the TIME COP soundtrack. And lets not forget that David Bowie himself recorded “Bang Bang” on “Never Let Me Down.” It is indeed a party, and to to quote Jerry Lee, any one who doesn’t agree can “use my dick for a walking stick.”

    A lot of other artists owe a debt to Iggy for inspiration, if nothing else.

    – Stinky

    P.S. I’ve seen The Killer twice, but only saw Iggy once on David Bowie’s GLASS SPIDER tour. I was thrilled to finally see him, but it wasn’t the best show despite the involvement of Iggy, David Bowie, a giant spider, and Peter Frampton on guitar! But I’m glad I went, and it was well worth the price of admission.

    I suggest anyone who hasn’t seen Iggy or Jerry Lee while they still have a chance!

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    • Way back in the 80’s I didn’t even heard for “New Values” lp, so I was pleasantly surprised when found it at local vinyl market. Yeah, cool cover cauth my eyes too and somehow I new it will be great slab. Also “Kill City” was quite suprise when I bought it while on trip in Bruxelles [was pretty expensive].
      Well, I really dig “Party” thought not perfect but has real cool stuff as Rock and Roll Party, Houston Is Hot Tonight, Pumpin’ for Jill, Bang Bang… Anyways, people “hate it” because they think it’s too much “pop” [then what to say bout Blah Blah?] and give it pretty low ratings on rateyourmusic.com “Soldier” and “Zombie” are pretty interesting and fine records too and I think it’s cool for artist to try something new [even Ramones made some changes in sound as on “Pleasant Dreams” one of my favs].
      I saw Iggy two times here in Belgade in ’91 and 2008, it was great. Saw David Bowie
      live in ’90 at Budapest stadium on his Sound & Vision tour. It was terrific too as he was back to his 70’s hard rockin’ style [it was Tin Machine era]
      Never saw Jerry Lee nor my two favorite groups Ramones and The Cramps live, so maybe in the next life, who knows 🙂


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